Will Superdrug feel the loss of Love Island? #MontageMashup

Hello… welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we’re taking a look at Love Island and Superdrug’s summer fling, ‘armpit ads’, and Facebook’s declining health, and more! So, let’s get started…

Love Island hits it off with Superdrug

If Superdrug was a person, there’s a high chance they’d appear on Love Island. Armed with makeup, hair products, and sunscreen, Superdrug would have a ball in the villa. The brand has taken to Twitter to express its high regard for the show and while the marketing team may enjoy the show’s ‘brilliant’ challenges, there’s a little more to it. With ad placements before, during and after the show, as well as on the Love Island app, it’s needless to say Superdrug’s been grafting! Thankfully, putting its eggs all in the Love Island basket has paid off though… A large percentage of the show’s audience is 16 – 34 years old, ideal targets for Superdrug, and the opening figures (3.4 million people) give an idea of the show’s popularity and all-important ad reach! Sadly for Superdrug and Love Island, Monday 30th July was their last night together: the show ends after a 57-day stint. With Love Island delivering youth audience ‘gold dust’ to Superdrug, we’re keen to see how the show’s reach will impact on the brand this year, especially as it saw a profit jump last year, allegedly down to the brand’s tie-up with the show.

Anatomical advertising

Sandwich boards are so last century, this century we’re advertising on skin. Yep, that’s right. A Japanese advertising agency is renting out underarms to brands and they’re currently on the lookout for models… or should we say billboards? Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time something similar has happened in Japan: Absolute Territory PR previously utilised this method with women’s thighs. Will this encourage consumers to buy or to avoid a brand? The first taker of the armpit ad space has been an underarm hair removal dermatology chain, so who knows, it might just work.

Alibaba and Guess combine AI and fashion

Ever thought shops these days are stupid and fashion is a bit slow-witted? Alibaba and Guess have come to the rescue. The e-commerce marketplace and the Italian fashion house have combined forces to show the future of retail – and it is certainly smart! The project has been dubbed FashionAI and in a pop-up concept store in Hong Kong, the brands are showcasing the latest AI tech and high fashion. When a customer enters the store and picks up a product, a smart mirror closest to the shopper automatically displays an image of the item as well as the product details on the screen. The user can even view ‘mix and match’ options! We can all look forward to Minority Report-style shopping trips; Tom Cruise’s character didn’t seem to appreciate the retail experience for some reason…

Sandwich artistry extends to wraps

Highstreet sandwich chain Subway has recently added wraps to its repertoire. Subway’s Sandwich Artists will now know the coveted art of ‘wrapping’, thanks to the arrival of Signature Wraps. The wraps are tomato and basil flavoured or spinach flavoured and come complete with one of the following contents: chicken caesar; steak and cheese; or turkey, bacon and guacamole. In addition to the wraps, Subway is rethinking its loyalty program. The company is soon to launch a member scheme called ‘Sub Squad’. Who will be in yours? It is International Friendship Day after all!

Lastly, Facebook is feeling under the weather…

Facebook isn’t looking so healthy right now after dropping two places in the BrandIndex global health ranking. YouGov’s list is based on international interviews (six million of them!) from the past year, taking into account perceptions of value, quality, reputation and recommendation. The social media platform has clearly suffered after the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. The four brands to sit above Facebook are Google, YouTube, Samsung and Whatsapp. The remaining top ten are made up of Amazon, Ikea, Colgate, Uniqlo and Lego. Tech giants clearly still hold sway over the public.

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