Ultimate Guide To This Week’s Marketing News… including how Reebok has been trolling Trump?! #MontageMashup

Ultimate Guide To This Week’s Marketing News... including how Reebok has been trolling Trump?! #MontageMashup

Hello…welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you hot-off the press news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at Reebok’s trolling of President Trump, Facebook Messenger rolling out adverts, Tinder’s hilarious PR activity, Estée Lauder’s AR Chatbot and much more! So, let’s get started…

Reebok trolls President Trump with tongue and cheek graphic

Reebok President Trump Visual

President Trump is again in the headlines this week after his recent trip to France to celebrate Bastille Day. Upon introducing himself to French first lady Briggitte Macron for the first time he informed her she was “beautiful” and “in such great shape”. Thanks in part to Trump’s well-documented history with women it has drawn widespread attention, something athletic apparel company was quick to act on. Reebook subtweeted the president with a cheeky diagram explaining when it’s appropriate to make such a remark. The visual shows all the situations where it is inappropriate to say such a remark with “the discovery of a long-lost mint condition action figure” the only exception. The tweet has gained many people’s praise but also some American’s have vowed never to again buy Reebok shoes. Only time will tell with this one – was this tweet worth the calculated risk?

Image: Daily Dot

Facebook rolls out Messenger app ads globally

After successful tests in Australia and Thailand, Facebook is rolling out ads that appear in the Messenger app to a worldwide audience. This new feature means advertisers, large or small, will be able to buy ad space in the app that has 1.2 billion users globally. The rollout will mean on the Facebook Messenger homepage, users will now see ads appearing amid their list of contacts. Adverts will not appear within conversions themselves. The ads will work similar to existing ads that send consumers to a destination such as an e-commerce site but will the added functionality of being able to send users to a Messenger conversation.  This could be a helpful feature for brands looking to promote their chatbot type services. This news also comes off the back of Facebook warning that it is reaching the limit of how many it can show in its news feed. Do you mind the seeing a new space for adverts? Or will this lead to another messenger service?

Tinder unites sporadic messaging couple

Tinder Messages Tinder doesn’t need much in the way of PR activity with nearly everyone knowing what the app is about these days. This makes their latest PR activity even more interesting. The app has been in the spotlight this week after a couple’s hilariously patchy conversation has come to light. Josh and Michelle, students in the US, have been messaging each other for three years, but have never met up. Only 11 messages have been sent during this time with the delay between some responses creating great banter. Michelle’s response to Josh’s first message took a couple of months because her “phone had died” gained Josh to respond “wow you found that pretty fast. It usually takes me 5 months”. Josh has been sharing screenshots of their conversation and sharing them to Twitter, gaining Tinder lots of media exposure. Now Tinder has played a blinder and offered them a holiday to a destination of their choice. The couple have decided on Maui in Hawaii without Tinder battering an eyelid. How amazing is this story? Do you think the couple will get on?

Image: PR Moment

Amazon preparing to launch their own messenger app

Amazon logo

The free standalone app will allow users to chat with text and video in addition to playing games and engaging with Amazon services. The app will be available to download on smartphones, tablets, PCs and smart watches. The service will build on Amazon’s consumer communication offerings through Alexa calling and would expand the lines of consumers beyond just the Echo system. It would also mean people could use their Alexa apps – on smartphones to communicate with each other. We’ll certainly be watching this development with keen eyes!

Image: The Drum

Try on lipstick with Estée Lauder’s ChatBot

Estée LauderAs part of with ModiFace, Estée Lauder’s Facebook Messenger chatbot gives users the feature of virtually trying on Estée Lauder’s Pure Colour lipsticks. There is a quiz function that gives recommendations for your best colour. Alternatively, you can scan an objects’ colour to find out the best matching colour. This shift into AR comes after Estée Lauder acquired Too Faced in 2016. In a $1.45bn sale, the purchase was focused on getting millennials excited about the brands. Will other cosmetic brands follow Estée Launder’s lead?

Image: The Drum

And finally…

With another great Wimbledon having finished this weekend – we ask what has caught the social public’s imagination this year? Is it Federer, is it Jo Konta, is it celebrity spotting and strawberry emojis? People at TalkWalker have used image recognition technology to take a look and serve up the information in this handy infographic.

Wimbledon Infographic

Image: Talk Walker

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