This is how you keep kids occupied whilst out for food! #MontageMashup


How to keep kids occupied whilst out for food!

Hello… welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from around the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at Cadbury’s Easter egg campaign, McDonald’s VR headset Happy Meal box, the decline of live-streaming app Meerkat and more. So, let’s get started…

McDonald’s virtual reality Happy Meal boxes

Fast food giant McDonald’s is launching a promotion in Sweden that allows children to create a virtual-reality headset from their Happy Meal box. The idea has been titled ‘Happy Goggles’ and 3,500 will be available across 14 restaurants over two weeks in March. The headsets are simple to make, simply tear and fold along some perforated lines, insert the VR lenses which are included and then place a smartphone in the headset to get the full experience. McDonald’s also created a ski-themed VR game to go along with the Happy Goggles headsets, named ‘Slope Stars’. The campaign is tied in with the Swedish recreational holiday, ‘Sportlov’, where many families typically go skiing.

We think this is a great idea to keep kids amused whilst having food! How long do you think it will be before we see something similar in the UK?

Cadbury’s Easter egg campaign

cadbury-easter-eggs-loch-nessFor this year’s Easter campaign, Cadbury’s are playing on the Easter egg hunt in the form of the Loch Ness monster. The chocolate brand is placing three large eggs into Loch Ness in an attempt to recreate sightings of the mysterious creature. The campaign uses floating barges to make it appear as though the purple eggs are rising from the water, replicating famous images which have reportedly captured the Loch Ness monster. The eggs themselves are the same size as a double-decker bus!

The aim of the campaign is to make Cadbury’s synonymous with Easter and Easter egg hunts, whilst also looking to build on its 15 year-long partnership with The National Trust. It is hoped that the campaign will stimulate more interest in the Loch Ness area and the conservation of it for wildlife.

Meerkat to stop live-streaming

Meerkat, one of the main founders of the live streaming app craze, has announced that it is to stop live broadcasting and instead will move to a video social network. Meerkat has struggled in recent months given the competition of Facebook’s own live video service and the launch of Twitter-owned Periscope only weeks after Meerkat launched. Meerkat was based on Twitter integration, with much of its social graph built around the platform, however, Twitter stopped the integration when it launched its live streaming service. It is predicted that Meerkat’s new direction is going to see it become similar to Skype or Google Hangouts.

Nissan’s self-parking office chairs

You may be familiar with parking assists in cars, it is something that manufacturers have been focusing on recently, but now Japanese manufacturer Nissan has introduced the technology into office chairs! Nissan calls it the ‘Intelligent Parking Chair’ and uses the same technology as that found in its cars. The Intelligent Parking Chair can turn 360 degrees and uses four cameras placed around the room to generate a birds-eye view which then wirelessly transmits the chair’s position and its route to a destination.

We think these would make a great addition to the office, if only for the novelty factor alone!

Asda’s awkward Mother’s Day gift ideas

With Mother’s Day just gone, most mums would have received traditional gifts, chocolates, flowers and maybe even perfume, but not necessarily those in Bournemouth. The local Asda in Bournemouth had a range of lingerie on display in the store with an advert next to them stating ‘Mother’s Day – Great Gift Idea’! Pictures of the display were posted on social media and unsurprisingly drew a range of comments from various people, most of which were not in favour of the idea. Comments included calling the display ridiculous whilst others stated they thought it was tacky. A spokesperson for Asda said ‘We offer a wide range of products to make your mum feel special on Mother’s Day.’

There is a time and a place for buying such items, for Mother’s Day perhaps isn’t one of them, however!

And finally…

walk-in-her-shoesSinger, Annie Lennox joined feminist campaigners and celebrities to promote women’s rights on Mothering Sunday yesterday. The singer made a plea for gender inequality across the globe to be stamped out, stating ‘As a mother I’ve realised I’ve such a privileged life and I’ve seen the disparity, and I feel indebted and I feel that I must stand in solidarity.’

Lennox was speaking whilst at a rally to mark the start of the ‘Walk in Her Shoes’ campaign which is aimed at encouraging people in the UK to raise money for charity by walking 10,000 steps a day for one week in March.

You can find out more about the Walk in Her Shoes campaign by clicking here.

Don’t forget to check out next week’s #MontageMashup, right here on the blog!

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