This act of kindness is restoring faith in humanity this Christmas #MontageMashup

Act of Kindness

Hello… welcome to our latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at Euston’s Christmas Day homeless shelter, predictions for Instagram, KFC’s mini restaurant and more! So, let’s get started…

Euston Station to become homeless shelter for Christmas Day

With no trains running on Christmas Day, Euston Station is being turned into a large shelter for homeless people. Volunteers from Network Rail, St Mungo’s (a homelessness charity) and Streets Kitchen will help run the event, with the concourse of the station being filled with decorations and tables to serve guests a full Christmas lunch. Around 200 homeless people will be able to enjoy the meal and also have a place to stay for the night. Steve Naybour, head of transformation in Network Rail’s track team has said: “using a station to give homeless people a Christmas dinner and some festive cheer is a great thing to do.” Euston station manager, Joe Hendry has also commented: “stations are at the heart of local communities and we want to provide a legacy through good relationships with organisations like St Mungo’s and Streets Kitchen that supports the homeless community in and around our station long after the buzz of Christmas has died down.”

London Euston train station

Image CC: martin_vmorris

Instagram’s ad revenue to double by 2019

Research from eMarketer has suggested that Facebook’s dominance over the social media landscape isn’t about to end anytime soon. Off the back of the research, it is predicted that around a third of its social media users will be on Instagram within the next 4 years, whilst its current ad revenue will double by 2019. eMarketer predicts that ad revenue from Instagram will grow from $4.10bn in 2017 to $10.87bn by 2019. Cindy Liu, eMarketer analyst has said: “Instagram’s exponential growth in popularity over the past two years is a direct result of new product updates and features including Instagram Stories, live video, geostickers and face filters that have kept its user base active and engaged.” Liu goes on further to say: “we see no signs of this slowing down in the near future, and the company’s strategic push toward international markets – in particular, Southeast Asia – will continue to fuel growth in the years to come.”

KFC’s mini restaurant

KFC has created the world’s smallest version of its restaurant in Portland, Oregon. The tiny restaurant has been created to tie in with the popular mini food videos currently circulating online. The small restaurant measured 43 inches by 32 inches by 27.5 inches and people were greeted by a pair of hands to take their order and then deliver the cooked mini meal consisting of three chicken pieces, mashed potato, Dr Pepper and a chocolate chip cookie. Director of advertising at KFC US, George Felix has said: “we’re always considering new ways to use innovation and technology to do out of the box things that have become ‘on brand’ for us. The mini foods video is a shareable way to show how our famous Original Recipe fried chicken is prepared the hard (…and mini) way. To bring it to life and make it authentic, we decided to open the world’s smallest KFC offering up a unique experience for fans.”

Timberland’s interactive mobile ads

Timberland mobile adTimberland launched a new mobile ad campaign which is designed to stop people from simply scrolling past. The ad was designed to be engaging and eye-catching so that consumers wouldn’t simply just brush over it and keep scrolling. The result was an ad called “colouring book” which displayed a black and white mural of hip-hop artist Nas, that shoppers could then interact with and colour in by tapping different parts. Whilst people were ‘colouring in’ the image, a cartoon video of Nas and Timberland’s new boots played underneath. Timberland wanted the ad to be something creative and innovative and also encourage customers to associate feelings of creativity and innovation with its product. During its 7 week run, the ad achieved an engagement rate of 8.67% which is about 333% higher than Timberland’s average engagement rates. 45% of consumers also watched the entire video ad.

We really like this creative approach and how it provided something different for consumers rather than just another ad.

Snapchat’s latest redesign

Snapchat has announced an overhaul of some of its features which are ‘organised around your relationships and personalised just for you’. The changes were summed up in a 60-second video by CEO Evan Spiegel and it is explained that “separating social from media has allowed us to build the best way to communicate with friends and the best way to watch great content – while addressing many of the problems that plague the internet today.” The app has also brought back popular features such as the ‘Best Friends’ algorithm and recognises who you’re most likely to interact with and arranges them in a list accordingly.

And finally…

We’re ending this week on the news that Amazon is rolling out a beta program called ‘Extended Ad Network’ for Sponsored Products. Amazon has written about the new program and has said: “Sponsored Products will now allow you to use the extended ad network to reach more customers visiting websites other than Amazon with Sponsored Products ads, enabling discovery of your products across the internet.” The Extended Ad Network will only be available when running automatic Sponsored Products campaigns but will give advertisers the ability to promote on external sites on mobile, desktop and apps. Whilst there is the chance of increased reach and impressions from using the extended ad network, there could be some cons too. There is initially no site exclusion list, so as a result, advertisers will have no control over where their ads appear and as mentioned previously manual campaigns are not currently eligible either.

This could be a good option for advertisers when it is fully rolled out, but there is inevitably some issues which need ironing out first.

Don’t forget to check out the next #MontageMashup on the blog in the New Year!

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