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We were approached by Yeates Removals, Storage and Shredding to assist them with SEO services in the highly competitive market of house moves and self-storage. Despite their 100-year track record, they found it hard to translate their excellent word-of-mouth recommendations to their online profile. Large national players had also entered the market online and threatened their market share.

The brief was to consolidate their share in the Clevedon removals market and launch their new secure shredding service, using our SEO, blogging content and PPC services.

The website that had been created for them was optimised for broad general terms and did not take advantage of their old established domain and local links to drive local search terms and, therefore, enquiries. We analysed competitor links for the new shredding market to gain insight into where quick wins could be made for link building.


  • Montage saw an opportunity to out manoeuvre competitors by implementing a creative and engaging blogging campaign, that met the needs of the consumer and business users
  • Creating engaging web content that was tailored for local user searches
  • Innovative link building outreach using charity project PR angles with St Peters Hospice


  • Increase of website enquiries by 12% in 2016 over 2015
  • Increase of site visits (sessions) by 46% in 2016 from 2014
  • PPC cost-per-acquisition reduced by 88% between March and June ’15
  • Number of enquiries from PPC increased by 250% between March and June ’15


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