Montage Foodie Insights: Creative Director, Aime Southgate

AimeSo it’ll come as no surprise that the team at Montage are HUGE food and drink fans… Not only do we live and breathe it at work, but outside of hours we are always seeking inspiration too!  And we ❤ to share our Foodie Insights and ideas with you! This week we speak to Aime, our Creative Director:

If you went out for food, where would we most likely find you?

For super special occasions it has to be Maison Bleue – the very best in French fine dining! I love its ethical values of serving fresh seasonal food which is sourced as locally as possible. The combination of tastes are quite literally mouth-watering! Who can argue with Poached Colchester rock oysters, home smoked salmon, leek and summer truffle?!  They have fab front of house staff too.

Have you ever bought an item of food or drink just because of the packaging?

I simply adore the eye-catching and stylish packing of Claudi & Fin frozen yoghurts. They are a huge hit with my Claudi and Finchildren, uber delicious and good for you too! Lovely soft pastel imagery and clearly defined key messaging re nutritional value. A winner.

Favourite foodie TV advert?

It has to be Lurpak’s science fiction-inspired and highly dramatic ad which made the food look larger-than-life and irresistible too. Very clever.



Which vintage sweets reminds you of your childhood? 

Pantone greenI love (and still do!) the delicious green alligators (Pantone 7737 for those designers out there!)…also known as 1p Chews to all those 70s kids out there…anyone out there?

A must-follow food or drink brand on Instagram? 

I’m totally into my juicing right now…you’ll find my fridge jam-packed with kale, ginger, beetroot and fresh herbs, so I’m loving the inspiration from Signe Meirane’s Instagram right now.

3 food and drink bloggers you’re loving right now…

I’m totally in ❤ with Coryanne from Kitchen Living with Coryanne, I’m currently working with her on a fab (top secret) project right now – her enthusiasm and passion for cooking is truly infectious!

Other firm favourites are French Revolution Food – she makes the most amazing salads and, of course, Madam Marion for her colourful take on food.

Madam Marion


Online or in-store shopping? Agh! Both, I like to research online but there’s nothing better than connecting with the product and receiving fab customer service in store.

Marmite or peanut butter? Marmite. No contest.

Foodie magazines or blogs? Blogs, I love to bookmark my favourite recipes.

Starter or dessert? Dessert. Always.

 A huge thanks to Aime for her fab foodie Insights! To discover more mouth-watering inspiration, don’t forget to check out our Instagram! Why not send a tweet too?


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Aime Southgate

Aime is our Creative Director. She is an award-winning international content creator and cross-discipline communications strategist with 17 years of experience. She has an enviable Global Contacts Book of press & bloggers/influencers and manages product reviews, sales activation campaigns, vlogs & endorsements.