Kevin the carrot overtakes Coca-Cola in the Christmas ad race #MontageMashup

Hello… welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we look at the first batch of Christmas ads, fast food, and more! So, let’s get started…

‘Holidays are coming’

As you’re no doubt aware, Christmas has begun to filter into everyday conversation, supermarket aisles, and televisions. If you don’t know who Kevin the Carrot is, you’re behind the times! Turn on the TV and you’re likely to see a Christmas ad from at least one of the following companies: Aldi, Currys, or Amazon. Festive adverts tend to either involve cute characters (such as John Lewis’ Moz the Monster) or a catchy song (think Coca-Cola’s Holidays Are Coming).

Aldi has gone with a sparky little carrot – who drives a suspiciously similar looking truck to Coca-Cola – and Amazon has gone with singing, smiling boxes. Currys has opted for something a little different: a revamped Victorian Christmas with top hats and tech. We’d love to know your favourite Christmas ad so far this year!

Black cats get a bad rap

Before everyone gets carried away with Christmas, we wanted to bring attention to Dare’s Halloween PR stunt. Essentially wishing black cats a happy halloween, Dare turned its digital engineering resource to helping home black cats. Famously shunned by the superstitious, these dark-furred ‘witches’ cats need some love. Dare created a Tinder-style app that encourages users to match with Scare. Scare is the sole black cat and has a few things to say about the matter of adoption. Donations and adoptions are encouraged by Dare. The donations are spilt between Cats Protection, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, and Blue Cross.

KFC ain’t no chicken

Fast food company KFC aren’t scared of a little criticism. In fact, if anything, they embrace it. When the company faced a chicken shortage, it responded with “FCK”. When the company received a tweet from “the entire world” hating on its chips, the company used it to launch its new fries. Promoting old tweets criticising the fries, the chain created momentum for its big move. Thinking in a strategic way clearly comes naturally to the Colonel!

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