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Hello… welcome to the first #MontageMashup of the New Year! Each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry and this week we will be taking a look at Kellogg’s repositioning its Special K brand, Thomas Cook bringing back its infamous slogan, Snapchat introducing Sponsored Animated Filters and Cancer Research UK’s move to merge emotional and practical messaging to drive donations.

Kellogg’s’ Special K repositioning

The latest advertising campaign from Kellogg’s focuses on its Special K range and has been devised to reposition the brand as one which provides all the nutrition women need in their daily lives. It is aimed to educate people about the impact that nutrients and ingredients in food can have on their day to day lives as well as show ‘how these benefit the well-being of women and play a role in powering their lives, bodies and minds.’ The campaign will run throughout this year across TV, print and online with Paul Humphries, vice president marketing at Kellog’s Europe saying: “today our audience aspire to a more positive relationship with food and nutrition. They are more concerned with what goes into their food, rather than what might have been taken out of it. So, with that in mind, we wanted to take a new approach to talking to women about Special K and the role it can play in powering their days, lives, bodies and minds.”

Thomas Cook brings back infamous slogan

Well known travel agent Thomas Cook has resurrected it’s famous ‘Don’t just book it, Thomas Cook it’ slogan once again. The slogan features in two TV ads filmed at its resorts as part of a new campaign that will see it move into native TV content for the first time. The two ads are titled ‘The Man’ and ‘The Chase’ and focus on ‘a young girl by the pool in a crazy outfit and without a care in the world’ and following a game of kiss chase to show ‘how a holiday allows people to fall in love all over again’ respectively. Alongside the TV ads, the campaigns will be supported by social, digital and in-store activity that will run throughout the year. The famous slogan was first introduced in 1984 before being dropped in 1993. It was then brought back in 2008 for 5 years before being dropped again, and now after 4 years, it is back for the third time. Chris Chalmers, marketing and ecommerce director at Thomas Cook UK has said: “it’s a really powerful asset in terms of reminding people that we’re a much loved British travel brand. We asked customers across a range of lines which was the best articulation of what we’re trying to achieve – and that slogan was the number one response. It’s still very well recognised, there’s a lot of warmth towards it.”

Snapchat introduces Sponsored Animated Filters

Snapchat has released a new feature which allows brands to add animation to photos and videos and further targeting options for the Sponsored Animated Filters. The first brand to run the Sponsored Animated Filter campaign in the UK was Samsung on Christmas as part of its ‘Giving is the gift to be shared’. Brands are now able to sponsor the animated filters and the format is available for national takeovers in major markets worldwide, with Snapchat promising that advertisers will be able to target these animated filters in the coming months. Stats show that the majority of interactions on Snapchat are between close friends and 87% of users rank close friends as the most influential factor in purchasing decisions, compared with just 6% for influencers and celebrities.

Cancer Research UK’s ‘Right Now’ campaign

Cancer Research UK is looking to merge the emotional and practical messaging in its campaigns to help drive further donations and get across the message that people who donate are part of ‘this very big fight against cancer.’ The charity is seeking to make a clearer connection between stories of people going through treatment and how donations can make a difference. The latest ‘Right Now’ campaign follows the same format as previous ads, showing real people’s stories from diagnosis to treatment, but will also include a ‘then and now’ element. The idea behind this slight change is to ‘highlight the positive impact research is having on peoples’ lives today’ with each ad showing contrasting scenes from each person’s appearance in previous campaigns where they were undergoing treatment to moments of happiness in their lives now following treatment. Cancer Research UK is hoping that this slight change will provide a clearer call to action by focusing on the importance of the public funding research.

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