Is your privacy in danger with Snapchat’s latest update? #MontageMashup

Is your privacy in danger with Snapchat's latest update? #MontageMashup

Hello…welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you hot-off the-press news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at Snapchat’s latest update that is causing a storm, McDonald’s ‘McDelivery’ partnership with UberEats, Facebook’s plans to produce original TV shows and much more! So, let’s get started…

Another day, another Snapchat update: introducing ‘Snap Maps’

Continuing on the themes of previous weeks, Snap Inc. has been in the news again with the latest update to their main Snapchat app. The newest feature, called ‘Snap Map’, is a location sharing feature. Snapchat says this will enable users “a whole new way of exploring the world”. Snap Map very simply lets you share your location with all 166 million users, your friend’s list, or a list of selected friends. It also allows you to scroll around an actual map to see where your friends are located. The map also incorporates ‘Actionmojis’, a new type of personalised avatar, that Snapchat creates automatically by analysing the user’s location, time of day or speed of travel. Examples of Actionemoji include: being on the beach, at the airport, sitting, driving and even if your listing to music through your headphones.

Snap Map view is accessible by pinching out of Snapchat’s main camera. This development comes off the back of Snap’s investments in location-based tracking firm Placed, location search startup Vurb and most recently social map app Zenly. Snap Maps has raised nationwide fears over the effects it may have on bullying, stalking and child safety.

Will you be using Snap Map or is it an invasion of your privacy? Let us know!


McDonald’s and UberEats to trial UK ‘McDelivery’

McDonald's SignMcDonald’s, which has 1,249 outlets across the UK, has just announced a partnership with Uber’s side venture UberEats. Together they will launch an aggressive UK push across 40 cities by the end of the year. These locations will be available to those within 1.5-mile radius of a McDonald’s and will start in London, Nottingham, and Leeds. With the UK lagging behind other test markets such as the US and China – is this a smart move by McDonald’s? Watch this space for more developments.

Image: The Drum News


L’Oréal refocuses digital efforts on voice search

L'Oréal Over the last five years, L’Oréal has been on a mission to accelerate its digital transformation with one area of particular focus, search. L’Oréal estimates that 20% of total search will be done vocally in the next 18 months. This estimation Digital Operations Manager Nick Buckley says is a response to “the implications Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri will have on how consumers ask questions about brands”. He also states, augmented reality hasn’t increased as much as they believed so they will look towards other digital projects.

L’Oréal is also keen to expand its e-commerce offering with digital giants Amazon and eBay having launched an eBay store six months ago.  We’ll certainly be watching voice search developments for retail brands with keen interest!

Image: Marketing Week

Have M&S just introduced the future for fruit & vegetable labels?

M&S Avocado Laser Etching Marks and Spencer have started selling avocados with a laser etched best-before date, short till code and place of origin on the fruit’s surface. It works by shining an intensive light on the skin of fruits. This discolours the very top layer – meaning the fruit is not damaged.  Senior Produce Agronomist Charlie Curtis says it’s taken M&S six months to perfect the laser process. The trial this week will determine whether this laser-etching is extended to more products. It’s estimated these new avocado markings can save 10 tonnes of paper and five tonnes of glue over the course of a year!

Image: Packaging News 


Facebook in talks to produce original TV-quality shows

Smartphone user watching TvFacebook is discussing teaming up with Hollywood studios about producing scripted, TV-quality shows, with the goal to launch an original series by late summer. Reports claim the social juggernaut is willing to commit production budgets of $3 million per episode. Facebook is hoping to target an audience of 13 to 34 year-olds, with a focus on the 17 to 30 range. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Facebook has already lined up two shows: “Strangers” a relationship drama and “Last State Standing”, a game show. Facebook couldn’t be reached for comment. Very interesting!


News sharing in private messaging apps rising in popularity

Around a quarter of respondents (23%) in a survey by Reuters Institute for Journalism said they now find, share, or discuss news using one or more private messaging apps. From the 70,000 respondents, 15% use WhatsApp as a source of news, compared to 8% using Facebook Messenger. Lucy Barbor of Carat UK believes “fake news” to be the most important reason. This comes as 24% think social media does a good job of separating fact from fiction. Other interesting takeaway statistics include: 14% of people stating social media is their main form of news, 29% saying they often avoid the often the news and only 17.8% of 23-34 year-olds with a Facebook account state they actively share content. 

And finally…

A great PR idea! Let us introduce you to the world’s smallest house. Built by Boston sculptor Jeff Smith, this cozy place is available for rent at $55 per night on Airbnb. Smith describes his house as “super convenient” as it is built on wheels and can be rolled anywhere. To get your very own house tour, check out this video starring fictional character Glen Bunsen.

Smallest House in The World (Full Length) from Glen Bunsen on Vimeo.


Don’t forget to check out next week’s #MontageMashup, right here on the blog!

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