How the Grinch divided London! #MontageMashup

Hello… welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we look at Tesco joining forces with WWF, eco-friendly shopping bags coming to M&S, and how Waitrose takes the mickey out of its sister company, John Lewis’s festive campaign, and more!  So, let’s get started…

The Grinch splits the capital

A new advert for Benedict Cumberbatch’s festive offering, The Grinch, has been branded both ‘racist’ and ‘classist’ for telling people it’s their ‘last chance to turn around’ head north and leave south London. According to Campaign the giant 50ft high and 400ft circular poster which covers the BFI IMAX cinema near London’s Waterloo station is believed to be one of the most expensive advertising sites in the country with a reported price tag of up to £100,000. With all the unexpected publicity – online and around the country – no doubt they’re feeling its money well spent.  The proof will be in the box office returns.

Tesco comes together with WWF

Supermarket giant Tesco has teamed up with WWF in a long-term partnership aiming to reduce the environmental impact of the average UK shopping basket by an impressive 50%. With the aim of improving sustainability of food whilst ensuring its affordability for all, the partnership focuses on three key areas:

  • Helping customers eat more sustainable diets;
  • Restoring nature in food production; and
  • Eliminating food and packaging waste from the sector

The initiative comes as new research by the two organisations reveals that demand for sustainable food is high, with nearly 80% of shoppers wanting supermarkets to do more to offer food that is sourced in a responsible, sustainable wayRunning for four years and kicking off before the end of the year, this initiative definitely gets our vote.

Keeping on the subject of Sustainability

Marks & Spencer is launching a new eco-friendly shopping bag in association with Plastic Bank, an organisation that provides incentives to poor people in Haiti and the Philippines. The new shopper will be priced at £1.30 each and will be made of 75% social plastic©, which is plastic that has been collected and recycled by Plastic Bank.

“With more plastic than fish predicted to be in the ocean by 2050, it’s vital that we all take action to minimise plastic waste,” says M&S product developer, Natalie Tate. “This is a strong, sturdy, practical bag to help our customers with their shop, but with the added benefit of reducing poverty and preventing more plastic getting into our seas by turning waste plastic into a tangible and re-usable item.”  Well done M&S.

Sibling Fun

There can’t be many people that haven’t got an opinion on this year’s festive advert offering from John Lewis.  But this year marks the first time that sister companies Waitrose and John Lewis have worked together on a Christmas campaign, with the former gently poking fun in the Elton John offering from John Lewis.

A bit like Marmite, the Elton John advert looks set to divide the nation, but hats off to the Partnership for some festive joined up thinking.

Instagram add-ons

As we start the busiest shopping week, Instagram brings to the party three new ways to make it just that easier for retailers to gain more exposure for the products they’re promoting on the platform. The new ‘shopping collection option’ that enables products to be easily saved for future reference. Users can then access shopping collections and browse saved items at a later time. 

Then there’s an option to shop via video.  A shopping icon inserted in the bottom left corner of branded videos makes it fabulously easy for users to view product prices. Finally, they’ve introduced the business profile shopping tab.  Businesses with an Instagram profile can now feature a “shop” tab that enables users to browse everything else on sale.

So, is this good news for the user, or has Instagram simply launched three new options to ultimately benefit their business customers?

Don’t forget to check out next week’s #MontageMashup, right here on the blog!

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