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food e-commerce on ipadOnline is an important area for brands in the food industry to be aware of. It is predicted that online will be the fastest growing part of the UK grocery market, more than doubling in value to over £17bn by the year 2019. The number of people shopping for groceries online has also increased from 6% in 2011 to over 11%. There has never been a more important time for food companies to get their e-commerce efforts on track! See how Montage can help with your retail food e-commerce, below.

Food E-commerce Services

Montage can assist you in the world of fast paced food e-commerce. We can help with crafting a profitable online market direct to your consumer. This strategy will protect market share, balance risk vs a traditional multi to market strategy and provide vital insight into consumer preferences and data.

How to create a brand story and product

It is vital to stand out from the crowd and provide a compelling brand story to help spread the word about your brand and products on the internet. If you are creating a ‘meet too’ online food offering, this will get blown out of the water by the supermarkets and large e-commerce sites. We can advise you on the offering and brand story.

Advise on channels to market

If you are launching a new brand which sells foods you may well consider testing it on the market first, before spending budget, on building your owned channels. We are experts in creating content that boosts discoverability and helps with selling on online stores and market places such as Amazon and Ocado.

Building a profitable e-commerce website

Working with our e-commerce software partner Evance IT we can advise you on the best tools, tactics and content to convert orders & sales online and develop an e-commerce platform or web store suitable for mobile commerce too.

Montage can provide insight into the competitive search terms market strategy to identify quick wins vs the e-commerce giants such as Amazon Fresh now entering the UK market.

Montage can advise you on fulfilment and delivery strategy to boost conversions for your items and keep your customers happy.

Online customer service and online reputation

Boosting reviews and managing customer complaints seamlessly across online digital channels is vital to ecommerce food success, the Montage team has 9 year’s experience coaching food brands such as Norseland, Pilgrims Choice, Powters Sausages and Somerdale in managing online customer service and managing brand reputation.

Copy and content that makes consumers BUY!

Our team of creative of copywriters can provide quality content & design resources for your site that will help in making your produce irresistible to a hungry audience!

If you are looking for food ecommerce support for your business in 2017 or wish to find out more about the future steps for your company, please feel free to get in touch using the button below.

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