Find out why a bid to live on a plant-based diet is taking the UK by storm

Hello…welcome to Jan’s latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the hot-off-the-press news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we look at Veganuary, PepsiCo’s snack delivering robots, a bid to get our sweet-tasting nation to recycle and more! So, let’s get started…

Eat Clean Pledge Hits The Headlines

New year cliche, the next latest fad or simply a genuine and honest pledge to yourself to try something new and eat clean for 2019? Veganism, is hitting the headlines as record numbers sign up to “Veganuary” in a bid to live on a plant-based diet.

And a total of more than 250,000 people in 193 countries have already signed up and showing their commitment. Rich Hardy, Head of Campaigns at Veganuary, said that on Sunday 14,000 people pledged to go vegan for the first month of 2019 – a rate of one every six seconds!  What?! Did you make the pledge? And, more importantly, have you tried the new Gregg’s roll?! Keep us posted!

Snack-Wielding, Self-Driving Solution

Snacking just got a whole lot easier for students in the University of the Pacific’s Stockton, California campus! Introducing PepsiCo’s fleet of snack-wielding, self-driving robots.

There’s no need to walk to the shop or cafe anymore, students can simply head on up to the robots and select from an array of Harvest Cheddar SunChips, Pure Leaf iced tea, crisps, and Starbucks bottled cold brew.

And they can deliver whatever the weather too! Travelling over 20 miles on a single charge,  kitted with cameras and headlights (so night time snacking is an option!) and to top it all…. all-wheel drive, allowing them to navigate hills and handle curbs with ease.  Genius!  When are they coming to the UK!


Biscuit Lovers Unite

pladis UK&I is urging our biscuit loving nation to start recycling through the company’s partnership with TerraCycle. And the stats are sure to shock. A staggering 99.2% of households buy biscuits every year meaning that a concerted nation-wide effort to recycle biscuit packaging would save almost 2.7 billion packs every year from ending up in landfill sites! The numbers speak for themselves.

We all know that flexible plastic wrappers are not collected by your local council services, so a partnership with TerraCycle now enables consumers to  recycle the wrappers by sending them freepost or dropping them off at one of nearly 500 collection points.

Since 2012, when the partnership was launched millions of biscuit and cake wrappers have been recycled and turned into items such as garden furntiure and equipment.  Let’s all get behind this!

L’Oréal’s Skin Detection Solution

L’Oréal has introduced its latest wearable prototype that detects skin pH levels. With varying skin pH levels becoming a potential cause of skin conditions like  eczema and dry patches, the company is keen for dermatologists to use this device’s data to create health plans for individuals.

To use, place the device on your inner arm for up to 15 minutes, open the “My Skin Track pH” app and take a picture of the reading on the device. Genius!

The markings on the device assess sweat biomarkers like pH, glucose, lactate and sweat rate, alongside other key details. Then comes the upsell! Based on your unique reading the app then suggests products that the user should use.  Will you be trying?

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