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We manage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising for clients and ensure that cost per click or cost per action are minimised.

Our social media analysts can advise you on new developments such as custom audiences or re-targeting of advertising to maximise conversions.

Crafting engaging content…

Social advertising isn’t just about budgets and spending money, you also need to consider the quality of the content that is being promoted. If you are promoting content which your audience will not engage with then you are effectively wasting money. Montage can help by creating quality content which people will want to interact and engage with, we will also ensure that there is a business aim behind every post and advert created so that you will get the best return on your ad spend. Quality, engaging content can also help to reduce the cost per action of your social media ads, so there really is no better incentive to get this right!

Managing budgets…

Here at Montage, we have worked with a range of clients and a range of social advertising budgets, some large and some not so. Whether you have an almost unlimited budget or are more restricted in your ad spend, we will be able to create content and tailor ads to ensure that what budget you do have is used effectively. We constantly monitor the performance of social ads and refine content, demographics of audiences and budgets to achieve the best results possible. You can be sure that your budget will not be used frivolously but used to achieve real business goals including sales and email sign-ups.

International campaigns…

Montage has vast experience in managing international social media campaigns across Europe, Russia and the USA. Not only do we seamlessly provide multi-lingual campaigns, but we provide insight into specific cultural nuisances and tastes for social media use for local markets.

We have partner agency contacts in China and India too.

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Our social advertising services:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Instagram advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Detailed reports of results
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