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The reputation of your brand is everything.

Severe knocks to this can be disastrous, likewise increases in your brand reputation can prove to be very fruitful.

Social customer service

Many companies focus on creative social media campaigns and social advertising but often neglect one of the most important uses of social channels – customer service. In today’s social world consumers are expecting more from companies, this is highlighted in the fact that 24% would expect a response to a query within 30 minutes whilst 42% would expect a reply within an hour. Failure to respond to these customers could lead to further problems including negative reviews.

Montage can set up social media dashboards which can enable a seamless team working process between our content creators and your customer service teams. In turn, this will allow for a smooth service for your customers along the journey.

We can also provide training for your customer service team on the use of social media as a customer service tool and the best ways to handle issues that they may incur. To view the training options please visit our training page, here.

Managing online reviews

Reviews are essential to business success. Good reviews can lead to recommendations and further business whilst bad reviews can have an adverse impact on brand reputation and as such potentially harm your business. Because of this, it is crucial that online reviews are monitored – with good customer service even those who leave bad reviews can have a change of opinion. It is estimated that 70% of consumers consult reviews or ratings before making a final purchase, whilst reviews can produce an average 18% uplift in sales.

Aside from the obvious aspect of reviews impacting on a consumer’s purchase decision, they are also taken into consideration as ranking signals for some e-commerce sites, with products featuring the most favourable reviews gaining more visibility than those which have less favourable or negative reviews.

Montage can help you to mitigate the impact of negative reviews, whilst also encouraging consumers and other influencers to leave positive reviews of your products or brand.

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Our Reputation Management services

  • Customer service/training
  • Social content
  • Online review management
  • Influencer marketing

You can view our experience by visiting our portfolio of the projects that we have worked on and the results we have achieved here.

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