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Amazon MobileE-commerce sales represented 15.2% of all retail sales in the UK, with the average UK consumer spending £1,174 in 2015*.

To stand the best chance of e-commerce success you need to ensure that your content is up to scratch. With the percentage of e-commerce sales only likely to increase, there has never been a more important time to focus on your e-commerce efforts.

Helping to get your products found

Ensuring that your products are found is the first step to e-commerce success, if people can’t find your products then they can’t buy them!

With so many factors to consider, optimising e-commerce content is by no means a straightforward process. We can help by conducting a detailed audit of your products and recommend or implement changes which will help to improve their overall visibility.

Content optimisation to increase conversions

Not only is e-commerce optimisation important for increasing the visibility and prominence of your products, but it is also essential to increasing conversion rates. What good is visibility if the product content doesn’t lead to sales? At Montage, we focus on providing content that will drive real business results and not just vanity metrics.

We have numerous years of experience in working on e-commerce content and helping brands to improve their e-commerce conversion rates and have carried out work for brands on numerous e-commerce platforms, including, amongst others, Amazon US, Amazon UK, John Lewis and Very.

Understanding your customers’ journey

An essential but often overlooked aspect of e-commerce is that of the buyer journey, how easy is it for somebody to purchase a product? If there are too many barriers in place then consumers are more likely to drop out of the sales funnel, as such it is imperative that you understand the process your customer must take.

Here at Montage, we can help to analyse the buyer journey and provide recommendations for improving their overall experience which will, in turn, help to increase the e-commerce conversion rate for your brand.

If you are interested in finding out more about our e-commerce content services, please get in touch for a chat today!

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Our E-commerce Content services:

Marketplace AMPFor any Amazon content enquiries, including listings optimisation, A+ and Enhanced Brand Content, or advertising needs (AMS or Sponsored Products) please feel free to get in contact with our dedicated sister agency, Marketplace AMP.

See our case studies here for examples of our work.


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