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Amazon contentAre you struggling with your sales on Amazon or don’t have the time to spend updating product information and descriptions? Or perhaps you are new to the Amazon platform but are looking for support to guide you through the process? Either way, Montage is here to help!

Montage has worked on, and various other international marketplaces – so no matter whether your company sells products in the UK, the USA or worldwide we will be able to help.

We provide a range of Amazon content services that will help to improve the visibility of your products and aid the buyer journey, no matter if you have a Seller Central account or a full access Vendor Central account.

Amazon SEO – improve visibility

If you want to make a success of selling your products on Amazon then you need to ensure that every item listed is efficiently optimised, to obtain the maximum exposure. Not only will optimising Amazon content help the on-site Amazon search visibility, but it can also help visibility on the web, especially Google – with Amazon typically holding a high ranking for thousands of search terms.

Amazon SEO is a little different to traditional search engine optimisation and there are a number of areas in which Montage can look to optimise Amazon content to help improve product visibility. Category audit, refinements and updating product copy to highlight the most important features are just a few. Before commencing, we can conduct an audit of the products which you are selling on Amazon to identify any potential areas of improvement to your product listing to help increase visibility, product rank & ultimately sales. We will also look at keyword opportunities to make sure that your listings have the best opportunity for ranking well for various keywords. Small opportunities which are often overlooked can prove to make a huge difference to the success of a product.

Aid customer’s buying process

Montage can help you to aid your customers buying decisions and guide them through the purchase process through the use of imagery, video and comparison tables. Additional images and product videos can help the customer to fully visualise the product and put to rest any lingering doubts they may have, as a result, they may be more likely to complete the purchase rather than drop out and look for another product with greater information. Another area in which Montage can help is the creation and implementation of comparison tables. Comparison tables provide a useful guide for potential customers but also provide you with a greater chance of completing a sale – if a customer looks at your product but it isn’t quite what they were after, they may see the comparison table which may highlight a further more relevant product to them. As a result, you still achieve a sale as opposed to the customer dropping out of the funnel completely.

A+ Content

Being able to write a product description that is both informative and enticing is no mean feat, so using a good copywriter can be the best option. Luckily, copywriting is something that we specialise in here at Montage. We have a team of dedicated content writers who have years of experience in curating content for e-commerce platforms including Amazon. The A+ content that we create helps to provide the best opportunity to increase both the visibility of the product in Amazon’s search rankings as well as increasing consumer conversion rates.

International Markets

We are an international multi-lingual network operating in the following Amazon marketplaces; United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, India, Japan and China. Please get in touch to learn more about how we can help you sell your products on Amazon’s international marketplaces.

Marketplace AMPIf you want to find out more about succeeding with excellent Amazon content, please feel free to get in touch with our dedicated sister agency Marketplace AMP! Marketplace AMP specialises in marketplace optimisation and can help you improve your Amazon content and listings.

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