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Identify advocates who are the best fit for your brand and drive fans towards your brand

Brands often fall into the trap of being won over by persuasive bloggers who baffle with their reach and numbers. Remember, you can’t live on audience alone.

True advocacy is key to the success of an online campaign. Loyal and supportive fans who have a heartfelt affinity with your brand.

Think. As a consumer, what’s going to influence you more, a ‘paid for’ advertising heavy endorsement or an honest review / road testing from actual customers who have experienced the product over the long haul and (now this is the important bit) ❤ it?

Montage helps you analyse the most socially active advocates who have a strong affinity with your brand.

Drive real advocacy that leads to actions, not just mentions

Making influencers a part of your brand story, building genuine relationships and allowing the influencers access to product knowledge/product trials and launches means their endorsement will be from a perspective of greater knowledge, insight, and feeling.

Gain tangible results from influencer outreach

We pride ourselves on working with hugely influential bloggers, handpicked and relevant to your brand and your needs. They are genuine, loyal, long-term consumers who are your biggest fans.

They are driven by depth of conviction and will encourage your consumers to Find, Love & Buy!

If you would like to learn more about how we can help your business, please feel free to get in touch!

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