Asda has announced a major partnership to tackle food poverty #MontageMashup

Hello… welcome to the latest #MontageMashup where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at Asda’s £20m food charity investment, Healthspan’s Covent Garden pop-up, Facebook’s test of a new ‘downvote’ feature and more! So, let’s get started…

Asda’s £20m food poverty partnership

fareshareAsda has entered a partnership with food charities FareShare and The Trussell Trust designed to help one million people out of food poverty over the next three years. The new programme is to be funded by Asda and will see the supermarket invest at least £20 million in developing the infrastructure of both FareShare and The Trussell Trust. The charities currently struggle with the transportation and storage of fresh food, meaning that food banks often have to rely on tinned and packet foods, but Asda’s investment will help to improve these areas and bring fresh food to more people. As part of the arrangement, Asda has also committed to making sure all of its supermarkets are able to donate surplus food to food banks by 2020. A release on Asda’s website has said: “the partnership will enable FareShare and The Trussell Trust to provide an additional 24 million meals every year, give 500,000 more people access to fresh food in the UK and help one million people get themselves out of food poverty over the next three years.”

Image: Asda

Healthspan’s wedding pop-up

Vitamin and supplements brand, Healthspan, has set up a health and fitness space to help people get ready for their upcoming weddings. The pop-up was called “In fitness & in health” and offered personalised protein powders and ‘one-to-one wedding mind and body MOTs’. After a quick consultation with the bride or groom to be, a Healthspan consultant then puts together a fitness plan and gives them nutritional guidance and techniques to stick to their goals. The pop-up was based in Covent Garden this past weekend.

Healthspan Pop-up

Image: Healthspan/Campaign

Facebook is testing downvote button

Facebook has begun testing a downvote button which allows people to express their displeasure for other comments. Facebook has come out and said that this is not a dislike button and that “we are not testing a dislike button”, rather “we are exploring a feature to give us feedback about comments on public page posts.” Currently, the test is only running for a small number of users in the USA (approximately 5% of US Android users). It is also important to remember that Facebook regularly tests features on small groups of users, with many never being adopted and rolled out to all users, so whether or not the downvote button will be available for all will remain to be seen.

Anheuser-Busch’s clean water ad

Last weekend saw some of the largest brands in the world airing (probably) their most expensive ads of the year during the Super Bowl. Anheuser-Busch was no different, except it did not attempt to sell its beer brands, instead, it focused on the need for clean water in different parts of the world. The ad shows general manager of Anheuser-Busch’s Georgia brewery waking up in the middle of the night to lead emergency operations during a natural disaster. Instead of filling cans with beer, the ad shows the brewery switching to filling cans with water for those in need. The ad also highlights that the company has ‘used its Cartersville brewery to deliver clean drinking water to disaster victims and communities in need for nearly 30 years’. In 2017 alone, Anheuser-Busch and the Red Cross delivered 2 million cans of water to people in Texas, Florida, Puerto-Rico and California.

And finally…

Cadbury has announced on its UK company online job board that it is on the lookout for chocolate tasters! The career is called ‘Sensory Panelist, Confectionary’ and pays £9 per hour to eat chocolate. No previous experience is required. Successful candidates would work a few hours a week and taste up to 10 samples each day, Cadbury will also put them through training to develop their taste buds. On the job description, it says “you will work in our dedicated sensory booths and discussion rooms, alongside approximately 11 other panellists and a panel leader; sharing opinions and collaborating with others to reach an agreement on taste.”

Would this be your dream job? You can find out more, here.

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