A day in the life blog… PR and Social Media Apprentice Dominika Woloch

Our fabulous team of content creators mean everything to us here at Montage Communications and we want to give you an insight into their world and exactly what it’s really like working for us! 

This week, we’ve asked our PR and Social Media Apprentice, Dom, to share the lowdown on what she gets up to in a typical day! She’s one of our rising stars and is very close to finishing her Level 4 Diploma in Public Relations Apprenticeship. Let’s hear from Dom…

08:30/9:00 I arrive at the office, grab a ☕, switch on my Mac and have a little chat with my colleagues to see what everyone has been up to. I then catch up on my emails and write down my tasks for the day before our weekly morning meeting. 

Once everyone is ready to meet, we all gather in the meeting room and update each other on projects, client feedback, industry news and more. 

10:15 Now it’s time for another cuppa but this time it’s coffee and not green tea, I like to switch my drinks up a little ☕. After my brew, I check all of our clients’ social media accounts and reply to any enquiries. I then move on to distributing press releases. It’s important to do this early in the week and in the morning to have a greater chance of securing coverage. Last week, I even secured coverage in PR Week and the Independent.

12:30 Now, who doesn’t love lunch? 🍎 This hour is a chance to leave the office, go for a walk and refresh. Well, I don’t do any of those things, instead I go shopping and buy things I don’t even need… but everyone does that right? 🤔

13:30 I’m back, all refreshed and with no money! I reply to all emails I received during my lunch break and after catching up with our clients it’s time for me to design a mailer. This time it’s for one of our fab homewares clients who has launched a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. 

Design is probably one of my favourite things to do, I love being creative as it allows me to experiment and produce something unique.

14:45 As previously mentioned design is one of my desired tasks, so can anyone guess what my next exciting job is going to be? Well, now it’s time to create some Gifs and Memes for one of our clients in the homes and interiors sector. I absolutely love doing these, I like looking for inspiration on Instagram and then analysing how they perform after we post them live. I’m super pleased with the results from one of my memes that reached 4,946 people and received over 100 likes. 

15:45 Next, it’s time for me to schedule in posts, tweets and pins. I do this for our agency and a range of clients. At the same time, I research engaging content and use Photoshop and Canva to design relevant visuals. Once it’s all scheduled in, I get my Account Manager, Liz, to proof them.

17:30  Before I head off home, I post on our Instagram and as it’s Monday, it’s a blog post. I have a special theme so each day has an assigned post. I then complete my time sheets and give Hootsuite one last check and reply to any new comments.

Tonight I’ll be working on my Apprenticeship and I can’t wait to submit my latest module on the Principles of Keywords and Optimisation. After this one, I’ll only have 5 more units to go and then I’m done!

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About the author

Dominika Woloch

Dom is our PR & Social Media Apprentice. She’s got boundless creativity and ambition, from selling in stories to national newspapers to creating inspirational online content and awesome visuals that generate awareness and drive sales. Photoshop Pro and Instagram addict!