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With over 300 million active worldwide users as of 2017, 20 million of which are UK monthly unique desktop visitors and 21 million monthly unique mobile visitors, Amazon has proved to be one of the most ideal ways for a business looking to learn more and find out the demand of potential customers and then sell their products without committing to an e-commerce site…yet!

Not only do consumers trust Amazon when buying products – more so than an independent site that they perhaps have never visited before – but the site also does well to help with customer acquisition when users may be searching for, and discovering your product. And of course, once you’ve got the consumer interested in your products and purchasing them, you’ve got a good chance to win repeat business through good service and product fulfilment.

How to increase Amazon sales…

According to recent Amazon statistics, 26% of shoppers (online or offline) start their search for vital product information on Amazon, while only 7% use other search engines or retail sites. That’s a staggering portion of the traffic who could potentially see your product rank first if your listing is set up correctly on Amazon and you have implemented good content and top SEO.

You must consider that consumers are now using multiple devices to purchase products from Amazon at different times throughout the day, making it vital to make sure content is set up for mobile, desktop and tablet screens to ensure listings can be accessed, readable and will make sales. Check out the stats below!

Device Preferences Throughout The Day

Using Amazon to achieve your marketing goals

By marketing your product offering on Amazon, you will introduce it into an established marketplace which will reach a new audience and raise brand awareness and exposure – all of which will give you the best opportunity to drive sales and help to ensure your listing is a success.

Through listing your product on Amazon and raising awareness, consumers will be more likely to consider buying your product if it fits their needs. It encourages consumers to research competitors and further product information, at which point you must ensure your listings are set up perfectly to make sure you have the edge over competitors. This is likely to secure purchase intent (users engaging with your product, adding the item to their ‘Wish List’, reading reviews to decide if they want to make a purchase) and follow-on to the last step in the marketing journey, actually purchasing of your product.

Creating Amazon content that converts to sales…

The average time a user will spend reading a product page on Amazon is just 20 seconds. In that time, you need to list the benefits of your product, convince the consumer it’s the right product for them, hook them in and make the sale. It’s not much time, is it? That’s why it’s more important than ever to create informative and persuasive product content on Amazon that converts. Check out our top content optimisation tips below!

Guide the user through a journey

It’s important that the user (potential consumer) has a clear and concise navigation through your product page. Make sure that the shopping journey starts with the products unique selling points (USPs) situated at the top of the page with images that relate to the benefits of the product, and the technical details further below. Remember, there are only 20 seconds to hook the user in so you need content that works!

Amazon Online Shopping

Think benefits not ‘features’

When creating the product bullet points on Amazon, it is better to list the benefits, not the features! For example, if you are selling a large laundry bin, don’t simply write 50-litre capacity as a product bullet point. The benefit to the consumer would be that the capacity is big enough to store a large family’s washing, and this is the key fact that consumers would want to know –  how it will improve their things for them.

And remember, Amazon now states that you are allowed to list a maximum of five bullet points so make sure you mention the USP and top benefits of the product you are selling as users will read this section first. Adding the benefits, not just features of the product, not only helps consumers to gain an in-depth view of your product and what it offers, but it also increases conversions.

brabantia wallfix amazonVisuals are key…

Images are the perfect tool for really displaying your product to Amazon users. Make sure you upload a vast range of product images, not just cut-outs (white backgrounds) of different angles, but lifestyle images too as these show the product in a real-life environment so users can imagine it in their own homes. Images that display the product’s USP and must-know benefits result in a 16% increase in sales! It is important too that the images you upload are high resolution. Hi-res images offer the option for a user to zoom into the image for more detail when they hover over or click on it.

Embrace videos

An incredible 64-85% of Amazon users are more likely to buy a product after watching an informative video. This makes it essential that (if possible!) Amazon product listings have videos attached to them in order to inform consumers of how the product will be a benefit to their lives and also fit their needs, which will, of course, increase your sales figures.

brabantia flipbin amazon
No matter if you have a Vendor Central or Seller Central account, if you need help with your Amazon listings, product descriptions and all important content? Check out our dedicated Amazon Content services page!

We’ve helped numerous clients to sell their products on Amazon (both vendors and sellers) and have perfected the right tactics to make sure that content converts to great sales figures. Get in touch now to see how we can help you!

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