Will you trust YouTube’s handpicked videos? #MontageMashup

Hello… welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this mashup, we take a look at YouTube launching a new kids channel, ELLE’s new magazine cover, Dove’s partnership with Cartoon Network and much more! So let’s get started…

Handpicked videos for YouTube kids

An app that was launched three years ago and especially designed to only feature child-friendly content has recently been criticised for featuring inappropriate and very disturbing videos. BuzzFeed News has reported that YouTube is currently working on a new strategy so the app is going to be updated with an option for parents to choose between handpicked videos as well as those suggested by YouTube. The new strategy should become available in the coming weeks.

GQ partners with retailers for fashion and food festival

A men’s magazine is teaming up with Carnaby Street retailers for the launch of a festival celebrating fashion, food and drink. The four-day Carnaby Style Weekender will include workshops, promotions, panel discussions and in-store events. More than 50 shops and restaurants across the 14 streets within the Carnaby Street area in central London will be getting involved! The Carnaby Hub will be hosting creative workshops every day, from a jamón ibérico masterclass with tapas bar Dehesa to Levi’s hosting DJ sets. Benefit Cosmetics UK will also be there hosting a pop-up café serving pink frothy lattes.

The Carnaby Style Weekender is taking place from the 10th to 13th May 2018.

ELLE magazine’s new cover

America’s Next Top Model winner Winnie Harlow has been chosen to finesse the cover of ELLE magazine’s May issue. Winnie has Vitiligo, a skin disease where the pigment cells of the skin are destroyed in certain areas and as a result it leaves these areas white due to depigmentation. In an interview with ELLE, Winnie discussed the changes in the fashion industry and how she’s managed to “stay true to herself” throughout the years. She also said that she refuses to endorse any photographer who asks her to cover herself in a photoshoot.

For many years now Winnie has been pushing the fashion boundaries and has definitely improved the industry’s beauty standards. She also explained that she doesn’t tolerate anyone who “brands” her as a “sufferer of pigment disease Vitiligo.”

Dove to support young people’s self esteem

Dove has recently announced a two-year partnership with Cartoon’s Network show “Steven Universe”. The purpose of the partnership is to educate young people on body confidence. As part of the two-year partnership, a number of short films will be created with the director Rebecca Sugar and the Dove Self-Esteem project which was launched in 2004. In addition to the films, an original song featuring the show’s cast and an educational e-book will also be released later on this year.

“Steven Universe,” the first animated series on Cartoon Network created by a woman, focuses on themes of inclusivity, empathy and relatability. The show depicts a coming-of-age story around Steven, the little brother of a team of “magical aliens,” the Crystal Gems, who defend planet Earth.

And finally…

According to a new study from category and shopper management specialist Bridgethorne, only ’60–80% of suppliers’ food and drink products listed by retailers are visible online when shoppers are searching for their brand or category. The company claims that suppliers do not check their ‘digital shelf’ through their electric devices. The study also explained how suppliers could potentially put themselves in a better position to benefit from the growth of e-commerce.

Nick Kirby, the e-commerce director at Bridgethorne said: “We know that online is a faster growing channel for grocery than even the discounters, which may make it seem all the more surprising that so many suppliers are still failing to address even the basic online requirements that will enable shoppers to find and buy their products.”

If you are interested in finding out more about e-commerce and how we help consumer Find, Love and Buy your products click here.

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