Will Burberry’s rebrand be a success? #MontageMashup

Hello… welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we’re discussing Burberry’s new look, the ad that caused heated talks at TfL, M&S’ move to inclusive fashion, and more! So, let’s get started…

Burberry rebrands

If expensive trench coats are your thing, you’ll be interested to know the world’s most iconic trench coat brand has had a makeover. Was it a much-needed makeover? We’re not so sure. The idea was to pay homage to Burberry’s founder, Thomas Burberry, and to ‘reimagine the new visual language’ of the brand. It has involved a change in font and a new interlinking pattern, not too dissimilar to that of Gucci it has to be said…

Tfl takes a stand on satirical ad

In general, it’s advisable to steer clear from bringing up politics, religion or money, and as Beyond recently found out, death. The funeral comparison site’s ads didn’t go down too well with TfL. Transport for London decided the ads were offensive and that collectively as a culture, we have a long way to go before we can make light of cremations and shopping for caskets. Despite the ban, Beyond highlighted the support they’ve received in a tweet: screenshotting the Metro’s poll in which 76% of users believed the ads were fine and should not have been taken down. They want to ‘spark a conversation about death’ and it’s fair to say they have!

Plastic straws suck

With brands increasingly vouching to ditch the plastic straw, Greenpeace Canada has recently gone for a more hard-hitting approach to illustrate just how harmful plastic straws are to aquatic animals. The campaign includes a stark series of ads showing a fish, turtle and bird inside a drink, with a straw coming out of their mouths accompanied by the wording ‘don’t suck the life from our oceans’. With the aim to highlight why plastic straws should no longer be used, we definitely think these ads show attention to the ill effects of throwaway plastic.

H&M recruits influencers for new collection

H&M has acknowledged the value of influencers in its latest project. A new collection will be created as a result of the clothing brand’s interaction with influencers on Instagram. It had a series of polls and asked followers to decide which aesthetic they like the best. The result will be two new products, with millennial consumers in mind. While you may not have a strong opinion on whether a ‘defined waist’ skirt or a ‘straight waist’ skirt is best (or even know the difference!), H&M are relying on fashion bloggers and ‘grammers to guide the way.

Lastly, M&S introduce inclusive nude shoe range…

Despite what nude shoe and underwear ranges may have you think, skin comes in tones other than pinky beige. This is something the British retailer, Marks & Spencer, has recognised. The new nude heels collection will feature the following colours: light pink, dark taupe, espresso, mocha, light caramel, and taupe. The heels are available in two different versions, one is a pointed stiletto (for the more hardcore among us) and the other a platform heel priced at £19.50 and £25, respectively. Bonus points for being affordable!

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