Why your Facebook page is no longer allergic to cheese but competitions could still be fatal

Facebook cheese competitions


You can find the latest information on Facebook competition rules in our blog here.

Have you read all the Facebook terms and conditions? Really? Most people apart from the Montage geeks and lawyers have not, but here’s why you should pay attention.

For example did you know that running a Facebook competition that gives away cheese or dairy products used to be against Facebook’s terms and conditions until recently…..?

Makes you wonder what else is in the fine print? Well you must take note of Facebook competitions’ terms and conditions!

Could your Facebook competition be fatal for your brand?

Here is your ‘must read’ survival guide to Facebook competitions. This will save you an embarrassing meeting with the top brass, as to why your Facebook brand page has suddenly disappeared and Facebook is not responding to your emails…:

1 – You must not use any Facebook mechanism to take part in the competition including like, share, check-in and comment (including Facebook comments)

2 – A Facebook competition must be run on your page via an app or onsite contest (i.e. on your own site with a link into Facebook). So ‘it’s not really a Facebook competition’

3 – You must not notify a winner via Facebook functionality such as a post, chat,comment or direct message. Email is the only way, so make sure that you capture these (or even better ask if they would like to opt in to future email marketing)

4 – To keep the lawyers happy, make sure that you put these two bits of text in your own competition’s T&Cs:

– ‘Acknowledgment that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.’

– ‘Disclosure that the participant is providing information to [disclose recipient(s) of information] and not to Facebook.’

5 – Make sure that any apps that you build for Facebook competitions do not unnecessarily spam peoples’ newsfeeds. Inadvertently, if enough people mark these as spam, you may get into trouble with Facebook. But more than likely ‘compers’ and fans will attack your brand like a swarm of angry bees.

6 – Don’t ask for people to ‘like your page’ in order to take part in competitions. This again is not allowed, although you can say ‘like us’ for more information about our competition…’

Bonus tip > Competition Laws 

Be aware of competition rules and regulations in international markets; in some countries, for example, sweep stakes are illegal and you may be liable to gambling tax if your prize value is above a certain amount.

Success = ?

The key to success for a Facebook competition is balancing the size of audience, prize, dynamic and PROMOTION of the competition.

Be sure to set KPIs for your competitions so you can evaluate performance against your target market (not just how many professional compers you can get to like your page!)

Remember just because you have posted a competition on your Facebook page, it does not mean it will be an instant success…





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