Who will win in the battle for Horlicks? #MontageMashup

Hello… welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at the fight for Horlicks, Paris Hilton’s fashion comeback and IKEA’s anti-war stance during the Trump-Kim summit, and much more! So, let’s get started…

Coca-Cola is mulling a bid for malted milk drink maker Horlicks

Coca-Cola and Heinz battle for Horlicks

Starting from humble beginnings in Slough, Horlicks, the malted-milk drink, is about to be shaken up with a potential buyout from the likes of Heinz or Coca-Cola. The drink was first invested in 1873 by William and James Horlick and has now been put up for sale by GlaxoSmithKline. The two brands, Heinz and Coco-Cola, are battling it out to secure the drinks brand and the price is a hefty £3 billion. Often recognised as a comforting drink and thought of with nostalgia for one’s childhood, it will be interesting to see the outcome of the sale and what it means for the brand.

It’s the last (plastic) straw for McDonald’s

McDonald’s and Burger King are among the fast-food restaurants moving into a plastic-free future. While there is still a way to go for the chains, both restaurants will trial removing plastic straws from eateries and replace them with alternatives. McDonald’s has begun the test in the UK and Belgium, so you may have spotted paper rather than plastic straws when buying your milkshake. Burger King has taken it one step further and plan to implement a ban on plastic cutlery and bowls too. In Germany, McDonald’s has been trialling hot drinks in glass and porcelain cups which leads to questions on the continued prominence of the take-out culture the brand is famous for.

Paris Hilton’s time capsule, courtesy of Boohoo

Nothing says the noughties quite like a strappy silver dress. If this is your kind of look, you’ll be delighted to hear Paris Hilton has collaborated with Boohoo to create the ultimate throwback collection. She discovered the brand on Instagram and the two went from there. Throwing you straight back to the year 2000, the 70-piece range features classics such as leopard-print floor-length dresses and Barbie-pink swimming costumes. Promotional pictures, of course, star the chihuahuas Paris Hilton made famous by carrying in her handbag. If you’re intending to shop the collection, don’t forget to add a Swarovski crystal choker.

John Lewis tries to cut fashion landfill

In a bid to prevent unused clothes from ending up in the bin rather than for resale, John Lewis has taken to buying back unwanted items from customers. The scheme, developed with social enterprise Stuffstr, will see John Lewis encourage people to send in items they no longer need or want – this even includes underwear! It is aiming to make a dent in the 300,000 tonnes of fashion waste that gets shipped to landfill each year. In return for the old clothes, customers will receive a gift card for the store. This is all to be done via an app and customers will be shown how much each item they’re giving up is worth: once it hits £50 and over and the clothes are collected, the gift card will be sent and the old clothes will be recycled.

Lastly, ‘make furniture not war’ with IKEA

IKEA Singapore made a statement during the Trump-Kim summit held in the country. In a defiant anti-war stance, the furniture brand campaigned to ‘make furniture not war’ with its latest advert. The allen key, free with IKEA purchases, is shown with the caption ‘Weapon of Mass Construction’. In a time when a nuclear war doesn’t seem too far removed from reality, the company has seized the chance to declare its preference for construction rather than destruction. Arnoldo Cabrera, Head of Global SEO for IKEA, was shown tweeting his support for the ad:

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