Who had a roaring time at Cannes? #MontageMashup

Hello… welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we’re focusing on all things Cannes and the brands that took home the top prizes. So, let’s get started…

Savlon clean up with Healthy Hands

Designed to give children easy access to soap, and make it fun to wash their hands, Savlon’s Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks took home the Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix. The Johnson & Johnson brand infused chalk with soap to create a winning combo: doubling up as a useful classroom tool and a way to ensure clean hands. The product was developed for India, where children often don’t have access to soap but do have access to chalk boards at school. Helping to combat disease and poor hygiene, it was recognised for its creativity and effectiveness by the Cannes jurors.

Libresse/Bodyform make blood normal

The Glass Lion: The Lion for Change is an award that honours work that challenges gender bias and stereotypical presentations of men and women in marketing. This year, Libresse/Bodyform received the prize for its ‘Blood Normal’ campaign: the concept of which was to tackle the taboo surrounding periods. It involved the first use of red blood in an advert instead of the blue liquid usually seen in adverts for such products. Framing periods in a more positive light, the Essity brand included fun items such as pad-shaped swimming pool lilos in the campaign. It also included a film, a graphic novel and a range of lingerie. The work reached 800 million people in two weeks and its share of social media voice rose to 90%!

‘My line’ wins for connecting Colombia

In rural Columbia it is common to have little or no access to the internet, as such the solution to this problem won the Innovation Grand Prix at the festival. The solution is named ‘My Line’ and it enables people to connect to the internet via their mobile phone. After dialling the number 6000913 they are met with a Google Assistant who reveals answers to the questions asked. The idea was commended at Cannes for its “brutal simplicity” and was said to have left the jury wondering how the product didn’t already exist.

Lastly, Ikea debuts new recycling campaign

In a bid to inspire creativity in children, Ikea decided to centre its latest campaign around the theme of play. The company surveyed 17 years of online discussions with parents (15 million rows of dialogue data!) and found behaviour and development to be the most talked about topic, second only to pregnancy. Further research revealed that 50% of parents struggle to encourage creative play and IKEA decided to help by creating Ikea Toybox. The app shows children how to make everything from a shark to a castle using a simple cardboard box. A video showcasing the app was presented at Cannes by Ikea CMO Claudia Willvonseder. It will soon be available to the public so save your cardboard boxes!

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