What will a new editor mean for the Daily Mail? #MontageMashup

Hello… welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at the Daily Mail’s new editor and what it may mean for the paper, the ‘meat-free’ products containing meat in Tesco and Sainsbury’s, H&M’s clothes resizing, and much more! So, let’s get started…

Greig to take over Dacre’s Daily Mail

Geordie Greig, once described by the Observer as ‘Britain’s best-connected man’, will replace Paul Dacre as the editor of the Daily Mail. The former Tatler editor is known for being a staunch ‘remainer’ and, as such, it is presumed the Mail’s stance on Brexit will change from Leave to Remain.

A source close to the action told The Guardian that the move is part of a plan to ‘detoxify the Daily Mail’ after Dacre’s controversial term as editor. This may help with brand affiliations and advertising when, in its current state, many companies feel misaligned with the Mail’s messages and customers can be left feeling alienated.

H&M correct clothes sizes

After years of complaints about the small sizing in stores, the apparel brand H&M has finally decided to resize its clothes in the UK. Announced in a press release on June 5, H&M stated: ‘Following customer feedback, we are taking the steps to change our womenswear measurements to be in line with UK sizing’.


The garments are considered to be too small for the size listed on the item – a fact customers often take to social media to complain about. The measurement listed on the clothes will now be altered to be below the one previously listed. What was once a size 12, will now be a size 10, for example.

Sainsbury’s ‘meat free’ meatballs not so meat free…

The Food Standards Agency are investigating the vegetarian and vegan food products at Tesco and Sainsbury’s after reports from the Daily Telegraph that they have recently contained traces of meat. The leading British supermarkets have come under fire from customers abstaining from eating meat for religious and ethical reasons for the fault.

After testing the products in laboratories, traces of pork were found in Sainsbury’s ‘meat free’ meatballs. Tesco’s vegan macaroni, from the new ‘Wicked Kitchen’ line, was found to contain traces of turkey. In an age when brand honesty is of optimum importance, this is a huge slip up from the supermarkets.

Amazon teams up with ‘Jurassic World’ for a big marketing stunt

In a stunt that would scare delivery drivers everywhere, Amazon sent a 40-foot long box to The Grove shopping mall in Los Angeles. Complete with air holes to suggest a huge creature is contained inside, the box is part of a collaboration with Jeep and Universal Pictures’ Jurassic World franchise.

The box features a SmileCode that, once scanned, can be used to obtain discounts for the new film ‘Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom’ on Amazon’s app. Opening June 22nd, the two companies are hoping for huge amounts of engagement from locals in LA and tourists stumbling across the box. The hashtag #AmazonFindsAWay is encouraging social media interaction, allowing consumers to find out what is inside the elusive box.

Lastly, escape hunger with Snickers’ new flavours

To celebrate Snickers new flavours, Espresso, Fiery and Salty & Sweet, the brand have planned a pop-up in New York City on June 19th. The event will feature an ‘intense’ escape room style game in which competitors engage in flavour-themed challenges and receive a ‘Flavour Diagnosis’ at the end. The flavours (and Snickers’ bars in general) are, of course, to ‘ward off hunger’ and Snickers will continue to use this slogan in its new campaign.

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