The most comprehensive guide to Twitter advertising

Twitter advertising guide

Twitter Logo ChalkWe have had many enquiries about Twitter advertising and so we have decided to write the most comprehensive Twitter advertising guide to help you get your head around it all.

Twitter advertising boasts unique features that make it different from the majority of online advertising options. Whether users are accessing the site through mobile or desktop devices, they can interact and engage with ads through favouriting them, retweeting, replying or clicking on links.

Twitter ads are the perfect way to make sure that the content you are producing is relevant to the user base your brand is targeting. Twitter gives you the option of targeting your promoted content to users with certain interests, geography and gender, so you can reach the height of engagement potential and bring exposure to your brand through new audiences.

How do I advertise?

There are currently 3 ways to advertise on Twitter. Promoted trends are only available through your Twitter ads manager contact. Promoted accounts and Promoted tweets are available through the ‘self serve’ portal found at –

Twitter Trend

Promoted Trends

For brands with a generous budget, promoted trends are the perfect way to gain extensive exposure on Twitter.

Appearing for one day max at the very top of the trending topic list, the hashtag trend is visible through desktop and mobile devices insuring prime positioning to reach followers.
Promoted trends can be tailored to users based on location or who they follow and is rumoured to cost as much as $100K to $200K per day.

Promoted Accounts

The ultimate objective of promoted account advertising is to boost the number of relevant followers to a brand’s Twitter profile.

Twitter Follow

Promoted accounts are recommended to users that have been specifically chosen through ad targeting which is aimed at interests, tailored audiences, geography, gender and devices relevant to your brand.

Promoted accounts appear in both Twitter search results and the Who To Follow section. The great benefit about this type of advertising is that you only pay per follow you receive as a result of the promotion.

Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are much more likely to be seen than an organic tweet as they have the added benefit of reaching both current and targeted potential followers.


The tweets appear in users’ timelines and search results on both desktop and mobile devices. You only pay for this advertising service when users interact with your tweet, such as reply, favourite or re-tweet.

Along with geography, gender and devices, you can also target promoted tweets by:

  • Interests: Keywords or phrases associated with certain interests can be targeted. As with Facebook advertising, it is best to target specific interests relevant to your user group and brand rather than general/wide definitions. This will lead to cheaper and more effective ads.
  • Television Programmes: This type of targeting is currently only available in the UK and USA and target related searches and hashtags of TV shows. Known also as TV conservation targeting, Twitter identifies user who are likely to have seen a specific show. This targeting provides mass exposure and is great for user engagement and brand reinforcement.
  • Tailored Audiences: You can use promoted tweets to advertise to tailored audiences by using your own CRM information such as email databases. This is very similar to the customer audiences features on Facebook advertising. Brands who have large databases of loyal customers can target them with offers – keeping your brand front of mind.

With promoted tweet advertising you can select up to 5 tweets to help keep content fresh and spark the users’ interest, this is a far better alternative than re-posting the same piece of content as it will eventually get stale. The click through rates for promoted tweets is 88% higher for the search feature than on timeline, specifically if your are targeting niche areas.

Twitter Cards

Twitter cards allow for a customisable Twitter experience that can promote and record information about interactions, as well as capture emails.

Twitter Cards 2

Different types of Twitter cards include:

  • Summary: allows a preview of content.
  • Summary with large image: similar to the summary card but offers the ability to feature an image and adjust its size.
  • Product: offers customisable fields to show your product in the best light, as well as providing calls to action.
  • Image: provides a preview of an image that can be viewed in viewer.
  • Player: suitable for audio and video content.
  • App: valuable for promoting new apps, also works with major app stores.
  • Gallery: a great way to exhibit up to four images to display benefits of a product.

We advise brands to create several Twitter cards containing different images and copy in order to test the effectiveness they offer with click throughs.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Lead generation cards are perhaps the most exciting development for marketeers who want to extend and build on their email databases in order to reach audiences for future promotions.

With a simple click users can provide both their name and email details to a brand for all future marketing. Lead generation cards can be used in conjunction with offers, newsletter subscriptions, downloads or competitions. Click here for a step-by-step process.

Budgets & Bidding

With Twitter advertising you will only be charged for user interaction with your promoted tweet or account, with a set daily fee charged for promoted trends. A budget total determines how your advertising money is managed with the ad no longer showing once the budget has been reached.

twitter ad 4

Twitter ad pricing is focused on a bidding system meaning that you can set the amount you want to pay. For promoted account ads you pay per follower and with promoted tweets you pay per engagement such as retweets, reply, favourite or follow. There are features that control the frequency in which ads are served throughout the day, this can be controlled so they appear at regular intervals or as quickly as possible. You can adjust your bid at any time based on the performance of the ad.

How do I track results for Twitter Advertising?

Twitter has a very useful analytics is a key feature in Twitter advertising as it provides a vital insight into your followers interests, behaviour and how they are responding to your campaigns. This in turn allows you to adjust you campaigns and targeting in the future to receive ultimate results.

Analytics allows you to discover your best performing tweet, both paid or unpaid, along with information on follows, un-follows and mentions. It offers comprehensive statistics on the various card types available including URL clicks, app installs and re-tweets, along with the interesting choice of providing influencers analysis.

Twitter follower analytics

Twitter ads are the perfect opportunity to target relevant users with content that interests them, helping to promote your brand and gain a larger audience. So what are you waiting for?

If you need advice on Twitter training then drop us a comment below or contact us to find out how Montage can help you. Contact us today.


Hat tip for the Twitter image Andreas Eldh on Creative Commons Flickr.


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