TasteFace – find out for definite if you’re a Marmite lover or hater #MontageMashup

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Hello… welcome to our latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at Ikea’s Australian bus shelters, Marmite’s TasteFace app, Amazon’s campaign for its new clothing line, Cath Kidston’s collaboration with Pinterest and much more! So, let’s get started…

Marmite’s TasteFace app

Marmite TasteFaceUnilever, the company behind Marmite has been pushing the divisive condiment recently with its largest marketing campaign ‘The Marmite Gene Project’. As part of this £3m campaign, a new strapline has been introduced ‘Just Try It’ and now a new web app has been announced called TasteFace. As the app’s name suggests, it uses facial recognition technology to monitor the Marmite eater’s face. The app can then tell if the user pulls a face of enjoyment or disgust whilst also being able to reveal a percentage score of the emotion, with the biggest fans rated as 100% whilst those who detest it will score 0%. After the tasting is finished an edited video of the user’s experience is converted into a GIF which can then be shared on social. Brand manager for Marmite, Philippa Atkinson has said: “We know that some people will have written off Marmite in the past, so innovations like TasteFace, while fun, also serve a real purpose, by encouraging people to give it a go.”

Are you a lover or hater of Marmite? Find out here and let us know! We’re trying it now!

Ikea’s bus shelter sofas

To mark the launch of its 2018 catalogue in Australia, Ikea has installed full sized outdoor sofas at bus shelters in Sydney and Perth. The giant yellow reclining sofas have helped to transform the normally dull shelters into public living rooms allowing travellers to wait for the next bus in comfort. Representatives for the company were also on hand at both locations to give the commuters a free copy of the new catalogue and also travel cards. External communications and media manager for Ikea, Peter Moore has said: “as an emphasis of this year’s catalogue related to life in and around the living room, working with Adshel on these special-build activations allowed us to convey this theme in an engaging and fun way, whilst providing commuters with a comfortable and functional space.”

Ikea bus shelter sofa

Amazon’s first ad campaign for Find brand

find amazonAmazon has announced it is launching its first ad campaign for its clothing brand Find. The campaign will run in Amazon’s European marketplaces across outdoor, digital and on Amazon’s own site. Amazon originally launched Find back in April with a collection of basic and cheap items and didn’t really promote or push it at the time, however, it is now trying to ramp up its activity in this area. Glen George, director for Find has said: “our new campaign brings the playful and effortless ethos of Fina to life, allowing our customers to explore and express their sense of self through their fashion choices.” Initially Find is unlikely to concern the major high street fashion retailers, however, it may well do further down the line, just as Amazon is now with its food/grocery offerings.

Cath Kidston’s Pinterest collaboration

Cath Kidston logoLifestyle brand, Cath Kidston has launched ‘Colour’ QR codes as part of a collaboration with Pinterest. The new colour QR codes are designed to enable customers to ‘discover the inspiration behind the new “Colour by Cath Kidston” collection.‘ As part of the campaign, Cath Kidston becomes the first UK brand to integrate Pinterest Lends with QR codes and will be bringing the collection to life in 68 of its stores, as well as with bespoke boards and Promoted Pins on Pinterest. Customers will be able to scan the QR codes on the tags attached to the bags in stores, which will then take them to Pinterest and showing style inspiration.

It will be interesting to keep an eye on this campaign, as if it proves successful we will inevitably see more of these campaigns in the future!

And finally…

We’re ending this week on the news that Bauer Media is teaming up with Very.co.uk to create shoppable video content. The campaign will focus on a series of mobile and desktop enabled shoppable videos, with the videos ‘allowing users to select items to style a bespoke outfit, changing key pieces depending on occasion or mood.’ The campaign will also feature a personalised quiz with advice from the Bauer style gurus, along with ‘social activity giving weather relevant outfit suggestions and tongue in cheek commentary on your week in fashion.’

Don’t forget to check out next week’s #MontageMashup, right here on the blog!

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