How to show somebody you love them with packaging! #MontageMashup

Love Valentines Packaging

Show somebody you love them with this packaging!

Hello… welcome to our latest #MontageMashup where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at Tesco’s buyout of Booker, Mr Kipling’s Valentine’s packaging, Stella Artois’ limited edition packaging, Creme Egg’s ‘Hunters Lodge’ and more! So, let’s get started…

Mr Kipling Valentine-themed packaging

We are in love! BrandOpus has designed a range of packaging for some of the most popular Mr Kipling cakes. The limited edition packaging is focused around Valentine’s and each will feature quirky Valentine’s messages such as “You’re the Apple of my Pie” and “Love you Cherry much”. Marketing controller for Mr Kipling, Kelly Davis has stated that “Mr Kipling’s new special edition packs looks contemporary and striking without compromising on brand standout” and that “these fun and engaging packs will tap into the impulse nature of the cake category.”

Mr Kipling Valentine's Packaging

Image: Mr Kipling/Packaging News

Dove’s mocking of Trump’s #AlternativeFacts

The Presidential Counselor to Donald Trump, Kellyane Conway introduced the term ‘alternative facts’ to explain a number of false statements made by Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of US brands have steered clear of associating themselves with or against the new President for fear of a backlash either way. However, in the UK Unilever’s Dove brand produced a two-page ad that featured in the Guardian and the Times and focused solely on #AlternativeFacts. On the left-hand page there were a number of blatantly false claims about Dove’s new product above the hashtag #AlternativeFacts, whilst on the right-hand page, there is a single sentence which reads ‘New Dove antiperspirant for your underarm skin like never before’ above the hashtag #RealFacts. There is no direct mention of Trump anywhere in the ad, however, it is clearly apparent this is what it is referring to.

Cadbury’s Hunter’s Lodge pop-up

A few weeks ago we wrote about the launch of Cadbury’s first Creme Egg TV advert for four years. The 30-second advert shows a super fan who announces that the Creme Egg hunting season is now open. Following on from this, Cadbury has now opened a ‘Creme Egg Hunter’s Lodge’ at the London Eye. This pop-up will allow people to be emersed in everything Creme Egg included various pieces of paraphernalia. The Hunter’s Lodge is going to be taken on a tour of the UK, beginning in London but also taking in Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Edinburgh. You can see inside the Hunter’s Lodge thanks to Campaign’s YouTube video below.

Stella Artois limited edition packaging

Stell Artois PackagingWell-known lager brand Stella Artois is to begin rolling out limited edition packaging which will highlight its support for a clean water campaign for the developing world. Stella Artois launched its ‘Buy a Lady a Drink’ campaign at the World Economic Forum and has teamed up with to help provide clean water for those in the developing world. Each pack that is purchased will provide six months of clean water for one person. os co-founded by actor Matt Damon and Gary White and the campaign with Stella Artois is aiming to provide long-term access to clean water to 3.5 million people by 2020.

Many brands are taking these sorts of issues much more seriously nowadays. Last year, our fab housewares cient Brabantia announced its partnership with The Ocean Cleanup which is built around ridding the world’s oceans of plastic.

Image: Stella Artois/Packaging News

We love the look of these limited edition packs and we’re sure that they will be well received amongst consumers…

Tesco’s £3.7bn Booker deal

Last week saw the news that supermarket giant Tesco was acquiring the UK’s biggest food wholesaler Booker for £3.7bn. Booker owns the Londis and Budgens brands and so this acquisition could potentially give Tesco an even greater national reach. Tesco has stated, however, that it isn’t planning on rebranding any of Booker’s convenience stores rather they will use them to take its click-and-collect offer up to 8,000 sites. This could allow customers in more rural areas who have just a small convenience store in the village to be able to pick up Tesco groceries without ever having to visit a Tesco supermarket.

Is this acquisition a good thing or not? Let us know your thoughts!

Mobile commerce tactics which could have the wrong effect

It is not a surprise that buying on mobile devices is set to increase yet further in the coming months, but along with this increase comes an increase in consumer wariness of being pushed into a sale. Analysis has shown that some retailers are using techniques to encourage users to share their data or complete a purchase that could also cause them confusion, such techniques include ‘collecting data before a user can checkout or using a countdown to pressure consumers into buying quickly.’ Separate research from Adobe has shown that ‘purchase conversion rates on desktop remain 2.6 times higher than on smartphones, partly because users are experiencing stumbling blocks when trying to check out on mobile retail sites.’ The research also mentions that navigation, ability to see images on a bigger screen and ease of entering payment information are the top motivations for switching to a desktop from a mobile to complete a purchase.

Until these issues are ironed out and the purchase path is simplified, desktop will still have a key part to play in online sales.

Pantone & Airbnb’s Greenery-themed home

Pantone has teamed up with Airbnb to fill a London home with plants and other products which match it 2017 colour of the year. The dining room is fitted out like a greenhouse, there is mown lawn flooring in the bedroom and tropical plants fill the bathroom. The title of the project is ‘Outside In’ and is based in London’s Clerkenwell with the front door painted to resemble a large swatch of Greenery. Overnight stays can be booked via Airbnb with all proceeds going towards the American Institute of Graphic Arts.

Airbnb Pantone Greenery

Image: Airbnb

And finally…

We’re ending this week on the strange story behind Lily Robotics. Lily Robotics was a camera drone startup launched back in 2015 with a promotional video of its stunning new product. On the back of this promo video alone the company received millions of dollars worth of preorders and also raised money from top-tier technology investors, however, despite this it was announced earlier this month that it was shutting down before a single device was ever sold. And now a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the people of California which alleges the company intentionally misled customers with the video. In fact, the promotional video was filmed ‘with a GoPro camera and a manually operated professional drone from rival DJI.‘ Emails which have been investigated also appear to show the Lily footage isn’t real and CEO Antoine Balaresque wrote ‘I think we should be extremely careful if we decide to lie publicly.’ This story just goes to show that everything isn’t always as it seems and the trend around fake news at the moment could be harder to tackle than first thought!

Don’t forget to check out next week’s #MontageMashup, right here on the blog!

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