How to make Pinterest your brand’s foodie heaven

Pinterest food screen shotSince its launch in 2010, Pinterest has fast become a huge window-shopping platform.

Over the past 12 months the site has secured the highest percentage of traffic and sales for retailers and with over 70 million active users, 500,000 of them business accounts, you need to make sure your food brand is front and centre in order to engage with users and turn them into valuable customers.

With an average sales order of nearly $170 per shopping session, Pinterest users spend nearly twice as much as they would through Facebook ($90), and two and a half times that of Twitter ($70). But it’s not just social channels that Pinterest tops! Consumers referred through Pinterest spend 70% more money than those referred through non-social channels.

So how do you get Pinterest users to engage and react?

Key to a successful Pinterest campaign you need to make sure you are pinning enough images to make an impact on your current followers and, of course, potential followers. The recommended pins per day for a brand is 15 – 30.  Any more than that and you risk flooding your followers’ news feeds, leading to unwanted unfollows, and any less then you risk being missed completely!

Sarah Tuck, our Pinterest expert here at Montage says: “I can’t stress enough the importance of pinning high quality image content. It’s worth taking the time to source not only your best product images to pin, but re-pinning high quality food images and photography from other users. Along with a dedicated board for your own products, include an array of delicious food inspired boards focusing on engaging themes to make sure you are gaining the highest reach and offering the best content to followers.”

And one of Sarah’s Top Tips?  “Pin straight from your site or blog to drive traffic and convert users into consumers, you need to inspire but also show return on investment too,” she advises.

Pinterest food board

Using your site and blog to take advantage of rich pins! 

Rich pins are pins that include lots of extra valuable information in the description. There are currently five types of rich pins available – movie, recipe, article, product and place.

As a food brand the rich pins that would be extremely beneficial to you are:

  • Product rich pins link to your web shop and allow users to see real time pricing, availability and where to buy. Users who pin the product will also receive an email when the the product has dropped in price.
  • Recipe rich pins allow you to add extra recipe information straight from your website or blog into the pins description. This includes ingredients, cooking times and serving information, helping foodie lovers to save your recipe.

Boost traffic and increase sales with rich pins

Sarah continued: “We recommend food brands fully embrace product and recipe-rich pins to boost traffic and increase sales. US brand Target worked with Pinterest in the trial of rich pins and experienced an extremely impressive 70% increase in traffic from the site.

For more top Pinterest tips, from basic to advanced, contact us now!

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