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LinkedIn advertising guide

LinkedIn Advertising Guide

LinkedIn Adverts

Are you looking to create positive engagement and discussions about your business on LinkedIn? Perhaps you’re not reaching the level of engaged users that you’d like to?

With over 350 million users, 187 million of which are active monthly, LinkedIn is officially the world’s largest professional network, making it the ideal network to promote your offerings. Ad posts help raise brand awareness, build professional B2B and B2C relationships and drive high quality leads.

A staggering 4 million business pages are live on the network, which means you need to be on top form with a well-developed strategic plan in order to get your brand noticed. So, what better time to embrace the world of LinkedIn adverts!

Over 89% of LinkedIn users finding the site moderately to extremely useful in growing their network and developing business, and this can only be enhanced with LinkedIn ads.

We’ve put together a super-helpful step-by-step LinkedIn advertising guide to ensure that you don’t waste your money, or time, on ineffective adverts!

Just how do you create a killer LinkedIn ad?

 – The first step in creating your LinkedIn ad is to head to and once there click on ‘get started’ and then ‘create an ad’. This will then bring up the menu for creating your LinkedIn advert which can be completely tailored to your own needs. Perfect! 

LinkedIn - Create Ad

– Now you need to enter a name for your ad campaign and set the ad destination. The ad destination means choosing where the user will be taken to after clicking on the ad (such as your company website). 

– Time to upload a picture to your ad, the photo needs to be relevant to your advertisement campaign, but super-engaging to users, something that ensures that they can’t scroll past and not click! Images must be uploaded in a PNG, JPEG or GIF with a maximum file size of 2MB. 

– Time to get creative! You now need to enter a headline for your advert. You have a max of 25 characters here so you need to make sure it’s click-worthy, informative and enticing. You can also add a slightly more in-depth description for the add, with a maximum of 675 characters, and do remember to include your call to action. 


– If you wish to test different headlines and images you can also add additional ads into your campaign to see what works best for engagement.

– Once you’re all set up, hit ‘next’!

You’ve created your ads, but do you know who you are targeting? 

– It’s time to target your ad and the possibilities are endless! You can specify age, gender, location (currently LinkedIn members represent 200 countries and territories), company, job title, school attended, field of study, degree, certain skills or groups the user belongs to. It’s important to remember the goal of your ad campaign, who do you want to click through? Who is your ideal audience? You will see then see the estimated audience size.

Targeting LinkedIn Adverts

– After you’ve finalised your targeting options and clicked ‘next’, you will be taken to the campaign options page. On the campaign options page you can set your payment options CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per mile), your budget for the campaign and then finally how long you want the campaign to run for. 

LinkedIn Ad Campaign

– Once you have confirmed your campaign options, proceed to the checkout, and hey presto, you’ve just set up your first LinkedIn ad!

Don’t forget to track your success!

It’s important that you track your ad’s performance to see how successful it is, you need to know if it’s achieving the aims, goals and engagement that you intended. A general rule of thumb to follow is a CTR (click through rate) of 0.03% or more is good going, but of course, the higher the better! To track your ad, head to Ad Tracking in the LinkedIn platform homepage.  

Do you have any top LinkedIn ad tricks? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget, if you’re new to the world of LinkedIn or need a helping hand, we’re here to help. 

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