Is recycling the latest, greatest branding trend? #MontageMashup

Hello… welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we’re taking a look at Adidas and Morrisons’ recycling efforts, Paddy Power’s political input, the latest on consumer wants and needs, and more! So, let’s get started…

Welcome to the UK, Trump (and Oprah?)

Donald Trump hit the headlines during his chaotic visit to the UK. While he was busy blocking out the Queen, criticising the PM, and generally causing havoc, another US giant was in town. In amongst the protests being held in London stood Oprah Winfrey: in a green box designed by Paddy Power. The bookmakers took an anti-Trump stance with its ‘Oprah for President 2020’ placards and human-size box encasing an Oprah Winfrey wax figure. In a recent survey, Paddy Power found 71% of British people would like to see Oprah run for president. Paddy Power is clearly getting political.

Adidas makes a plastic pledge

International sportswear creator Adidas has vowed to only use recycled polyester in its products from 2024. Last year the company sold 1 million pairs of trainers made from 95% ocean waste, thanks to a collaboration between the brand and ocean clean-up operator, Parley for the Oceans. This year Adidas hopes to increase sales to 5 million and come in at 11 million in 2020. With recycled polyester being more expensive, Adidas have opted for a gradual transition. Eric Liedke, Head of Adidas Global Brands, told the Financial Times: ‘We have to make sure we take right-sized bites so that we can maintain our current margin structure […] We can absorb some costs every year, but we could not absorb it all in one year.’ Let’s look forward to feeling good about running in recycled sportswear!

Morrisons rewards recycling efforts

Ever sniffed at the fact you’re supposed to get a warm glow after recycling rather than an actual, tangible reward? Well, if you have, Morrisons’ latest idea is one for you. To encourage customers to recycle single-use plastic bottles, the retailer has created a vending machine allowing people to do just that. In return for your bottle (you can deposit up to 20 in a day), Morrisons will give customers points to spend in store. The machines are currently being trialled in Yorkshire and, if successful, may appear up and down the country.

Consumers reveal social media preferences

Marketers may not know what consumers want as well as they like to think, Sprout Social has revealed. The company, specialising in social media integration software, conducted research into social content. They asked consumers what posts they’d like to see, and marketers what they post. There was a disconnect between the two, with marketers vastly overlooking the value of discounts or sales.

What we can learn from this is: never underestimate how much people love a good bargain. It’s also worth noting that emotive posts are well liked and that brands shouldn’t be showoffs. This research suggests consumers don’t want to know about the new office layout, or even the new employee!

Lastly, Michael Kors augments reality…

When we say augments reality, what we really mean is ‘enables you to try on virtual sunglasses’. Which, given how sunny it is, is a great idea! Such practices can really transform the retail industry and how consumers interact with brands and products. Michael Kors are utilising Facebook’s augmented reality (AR) ads within the newsfeed with a ‘tap to try it’ on button. This allows people to try before they buy and see the suitability of the product. Psst! If you’re a makeup geek, you’ll soon be able to make use of this service with the likes of Sephora and Bobbi Brown!

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