Is it all set to change for social media? We take a look at 2014’s Top 5 predictions

Social Media in 2014

The year ahead is set to be bright for social media with a lot of change coming our way! Lots of great opportunities and new ways of working, so we’ve put together an informative round up of 2014 predictions.


Social Media Icons

1.  A trend expected to flourish in 2014 is visual-based content as social media becomes less informative text and more engaging images. Last year’s figures saw a 53% increase in likes on Facebook posts containing photos than those without, and a massive 150% increase of retweets on tweets with photos. This also means companies will need to increase creativity and source fresh ideas when it comes to incorporating visual content into every aspect of their social media.

2.  Mobile strategy for social media will become vital in 2014 with many companies integrating connection for mobile devices into most, if not all areas of their business. 2013 saw over half of Facebook users accessing the site from a mobile via 7,000 different devices, meaning for 2014 companies need to consider how well their content strategy will work on devices, along with website accessibility via mobile.

3.  Social media will travel further than ever in 2014 by expanding beyond conventional devices and into new avenues. This year will see the integration of social media use with television, which is already being helped to increase its real time audience figures. With Twitter having launched TV conservation targeting, Facebook bringing in more features to hashtags and many more TV shows including real time tweets, it’s predicted that more companies will jump on the bandwagon and try to use popular TV shows to reach a larger audience.

4.  Realising that it’s not enough just to have an account on a social media platform, brands will become serious about their social media strategies in 2014 and take things to the next level. Brands will incorporate social media into every single area of their business to create a well defined presence, investing more money into strategies.

5.  2014 will see more and more companies investing into paid advertising in social media. Due to recent changes in Facebook’s News Feed rules, users are seeing less content in their news feed and this has limited the reach of posts. If they want their content to be seen, then paid advertising will become a critical part of a companies social strategy to market themselves in social media.


Do you have a social media prediction for the year ahead? 



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