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Hello… welcome to our latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at Pret a Manger’s free water station trial, Burger King’s plan to capitalise on the film ‘It’, a 50-year celebration for Heinz and more! So, let’s get started…

Heinz’s ‘Beanz Means Heinz’ 50-year celebration

To celebrate 50 years of the now famous ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’ slogan, the brand has launched a whole raft of different activities. There will be new limited edition labels appearing across 15 million cans as part of the campaign, as well as a microsite which will allow fans to order their own personalised can. The campaign will also be supported by various different influencers who will be sharing pictures of their personalised cans as well as a partnership with Capital Radio with daily giveaways. The centrepiece of the campaign, however, is a branded double decker bus which will be touring around the UK, stopping off in 9 cities. Visitors to the bus can take part in a dining experience on the top floor whilst the lower level features a recipe card wall thanks to a partnership with the Food Network. Aaron Crinion, senior brand manager at Heinz Beans has said: “Everyone has a view on what Beanz Meanz to them, which is testament to the tagline that continues to strike a chord 50 years later. To celebrate we wanted to discover and share exactly how much Brits love Beanz and this campaign really heroes this great British favourite.”

Perhaps Heinz had seen the success of the branded bus of our client Brabantia recently!

heinz bus

Pret trialling free water stations

Pret a Manger is attempting to tackle the problem of waste by rolling out filtered water stations and reusable bottles at its Veggie Pret stores. The three vegetarian branches in Soho, Shoreditch and Exmouth Market will allow customers to refill their bottles for free at the filtered water stations. The Veggie Pret stores will also be selling 2 different sized reusable glass bottles, a 250ml for £3.99 and a 500ml for £4.99 in a move to encourage people to move away from single-use plastic bottles. Pret chief executive officer, Clive Schlee has said:”Pret has always tried to lead on food waste and we are making inroads on the problem of packaging waste by reducing where we can and making more of it recyclable.”

Burger King’s ‘It’ campaign

The film ‘It’ has proven to be a box office smash around the world with Germany being particularly successful. In its opening weekend in Germany, the film took a record $11.6 million, the largest ever for a horror film in the market. Fast food chain Burger King has looked to capitalise on the film’s success with a simple cinema stunt. Just before the credits roll at the end of the film, Burger King projected a message onto the screen which read “The moral is… never trust a clown,” followed soon after by the Burger King logo.

The film was also on Burger King’s radar in Russia, with the company issuing a complaint to the country’s Federal Anti-Monopoly Service. Burger King Russia claimed that the lead protagonist in the film looked too much like Ronald McDonald, and as such, the film was essentially a giant ad for their rival!

Order food on Facebook without leaving the app

Facebook announced last week that users in America will now be able to order food for takeaway or delivery using both the Facebook app and the website. Rather than developing its own service, Facebook is, in fact, partnering with existing companies such as GrubHub and The new ordering option appears under the ‘Explore’ section, allowing users to find the local restaurant they want and then tap ‘start order’. Once the user has chosen their favoured ordering service, Facebook will bring up an in-app browser where the ordering actually happens. Really, nothing happens on Facebook other than finding the restaurant, however, it is a good way of stopping people from leaving the app and thus spending more time, which in turn will lead to more advertising opportunities from brands and Facebook. If it proves successful in the USA, then it can be expected that it will be made available in the UK in the coming months.

facebook food ordering

And finally…

We’re ending this week on the news that Ikea is looking at selling its products on third-party websites and marketplaces such as Amazon. This would be the first time in the companies 74-year history that it has sold products outside of its stores or own website. The potential move comes as more and more people are becoming reluctant to head to out of town warehouses that have traditionally been favoured by the retailer. Ikea chief executive, Torbjörn Lööf has said this is “the biggest development in how consumers meet Ikea since the concept was founded. We want to learn, and know what it is for a company like Ikea to be there. We want to find out how we could keep our identity on a third-party platform.” It has been highlighted previously that fulfilment may be an issue for Ikea, as there are issues with delivery and lead times of online orders, so selling on Amazon could potentially be huge for the retailer if they look to utilise FBA. This is one that we will just have to keep an eye on, but it is definitely an exciting opportunity!

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