Halloween PR round up – the best spine-chilling campaigns!

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With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve pulled together a super-spooky list of the darkest and scariest PR campaigns and stunts that have surfaced this year, from mysterious supermarket happenings and a frightfully ghostly competition, to the ultimate way to keep children safe this Halloween. Check them out below!

The best Halloween PR stunts and campaigns


Burger King embraces the dark side

Capitalising on the hashtag #UnleashYourFreaky, Burger King have developed some fab social content to support its in-store Halloween products this year.

The most notable item from the Halloween campaign is a special edition burger featuring a devilishly dark black, BBQ flavoured bun that truly embraces the Halloween spirit. Coloured using a natural colourant, the limited edition Whopper is available in selected restaurants until the 31st of October if you fancy giving it a go!

Burger King Twitter

Airbnb’s spine-chilling offering…

One of the spookiest PR campaigns that caught our eye this Halloween is accommodation giant Airbnb’s competition offering two guests a night’s stay in what is undoubtedly the largest cemetery in the world. The underground graveyard in Paris catacombs contains the skeletons of over six million people and is a long narrow maze of dark hidden corners and frightening shadows.

Bound to seriously scare, Airbnb’s contest listing reads “before bedtime, a storyteller will have you spellbound with fascinating tales from the catacombs, guaranteed to produce nightmares.”

Contestants were required to write a detailed essay describing why they believe they are brave enough to spend the night in the catacombs. The competition closed on the 20th October and judges are pouring through the entries looking for creativity and spirit – winners are yet to be announced!


Tesco’s jaw-dropping ‘spookermarket’

Poltergeist trollies, severed hands and ghoulish butchers don’t sum up your average trip to the supermarket, but for some seemingly unaware shoppers in a Tesco store in London, it’s a spooky Halloween-inspired trip they will never forget!

Developed by BHH London, the PR stunt truly tricked out the store’s aisles with a surprise round every corner. A hidden camera generated a 90-second video to catch shoppers’ startled reactions, and it has already gained well over 13 million views across Facebook and Youtube.

Watch if you dare!

Volvo’s ‘Be Scary, Be Safe’

Due to dark costumes and high pedestrian footfall, Halloween brings out twice the number of children on the roads and is the third-most dangerous day of the year when it comes to car accidents. To combat the problem, auto company Volvo has multi-purposed an existing product, reflective safety spray LifePaint, to illuminate Halloween costumes and ensure trick or treaters are visible at night.

Invisible by daylight, the paint which is non-toxic and can be easily washed off, glows extremely brightly in the glare of car headlights. The campaign encourages parents to spray paint their children’s costumes with LifePaint and the company have also released a set of spooky Halloween spray stencils to make sure kids can be both scary and safe! Such a great idea!

Volvo Be Scary Be Safe

Have you spotted any ghoulish PR stunts that have caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

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