Does cashless shopping suit consumers? #MontageMashup

Hello… welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we look at Tesco’s take on the future, a move towards body positivity, and an important, reactive campaign to highlight football’s impact on domestic violence, and more! So, let’s get started…

Tesco trials cash-free store

Tesco HQ are trialling a completely cashless shop after the recent surge in card and contactless payments. CEO Dave Lewis also cited lunchtime queues as a reason behind the trial. The store is in a Tesco Express-style format and customers (Tesco staff currently) use ‘Scan Pay Go’ technology which involves barcode scanning and payments through an app. Lewis has said: “Anything we can do to speed [queues] up will be a benefit for customers”. The idea may pose a problem for older consumers used to paying in cash, so the trial will prove useful in spotting any issues before going public.

Jameela Jamil launches ‘i_weigh’

TV presenter, model, actress and writer Jameela Jamil has added another string to her bow. She now runs the Instagram account I Weigh, which she created to spread body positivity. With the aim of making women realise they are worth more than their weight in pounds, Jamil set up the account after seeing a post online documenting the weight of each of the Kardashians. She had the idea to counter this response with what she weighed. This included personal characteristics, interests and achievements, such as: “I’m financially independent” and “I speak out for women’s rights”. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and people have been quick to get involved. What do you weigh?

Domestic violence charity releases World Cup campaign

With the World Cup fully underway, National Care for Domestic Violence want to raise awareness of the impact football has on domestic violence figures. In England, reports of domestic violence increase by 28% when England play and 38% when England loses. The charity want to highlight this, naming the campaign: ‘The Not So Beautiful Game’. A woman is depicted with blood spread across her mouth and trickling down her nose, forming the St George flag. It will, importantly, run until the end of the World Cup. To find out more about the charity, see here.

Lastly, John Lewis and Waitrose add ‘& Partners’

John Lewis and Waitrose have decided to publicly announce their relationship. The two retailers will add ‘& Partners’ to store fronts across the UK. The change aims to differentiate the John Lewis Partnership from its competitors, hoping for a positive impact when it comes to hiring staff and appealing to customers.

Image result for john lewis and waitrose

A spokeswomen for the company told Marketing Week:

“The new brand is a really clear statement about the core of our business – our partners at the heart of everything we do. We speak about partners as our clearest and most valuable point of difference, the thing that makes us special, enabling us to offer truly personalised experiences for customers”. Expect to see the change from September 2018.

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