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Hello… welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we focus on Nike, Burberry, Carlsberg and developments in the land of social media! So, let’s get started…

Nike commended by the PR world

It will have come as no surprise to the Comms leaders at Nike that the latest campaign has been divisive. Whether they expected people to burn, cut up and throw away Nike products is questionable. Regardless, the campaign starring Colin Kaepernick has certainly had an impact. The former NFL quarterback who protested police brutality during the American national anthem stars in the new ad with the slogan: ‘Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. Just do it.’ The choice flies in the face of the NFL, Trump, and right wingers across America. While not everyone supports the campaign, PR professionals have applauded the move for its sheer bravery. The good news is standing up for social issues seems to be paying off, with Nike experiencing a 31% surge in sales.

Burberry finally ends its bonfires

Iconic British fashion house Burberry will no longer burn its unsold goods. Wait, what? Yes, that’s correct. Burberry used to destroy its own clothes all in the name of protecting its brand. After admitting in July that it burned almost $40 million worth of stock, and the ensuing backlash, Burberry has caved and given up the bonfires. Now, if you see any Burberry clothes on fire you know it’s the work of an angry ex and not the brand itself. Waste in the fashion industry has long been an issue, as has the use of real fur. To combat both of these issues, Burberry will begin using faux fur instead. Here’s to protecting the planet and the animals, one expensive trench coat at a time.

Instagram announces shopping app

If you want to be considered a fashionable brand, Instagram presence is a necessity these days. While the app has shopping tools brands can utilise, it isn’t purely centred around the shopping experience, as regular users will know. To up its market share and step into e-commerce territory, Instagram has decided to launch a shopping app. Possibly named IG Shopping, it will soon be available on the App Store. The idea is that consumers can buy from brands they already follow on Instagram in a seamless retail experience. The era of social commerce is here!

Carlsberg ditches the six plastic rings

We’ve all seen horrible images of fish, turtles and birds stuck in one of the six plastic rings used to hold beer together. Despite this common imagery, it isn’t until now that a leading drinks company has taken it upon itself to do something about it. In a world first, Carlsberg has scrapped the six plastic rings for an eco-friendly glue. It’s reportedly strong enough to hold together eight cans and easy enough for consumers to separate cans with a simple snap motion. Carlsberg Group CEO, Cees ’t Hart, spoke of the launch as ‘an important day for Carlsberg’ and its ‘ambitious sustainability agenda’. If you like looking after the environment (and neglecting your liver), you can find Carlsberg ‘Snap Packs’ in supermarkets this coming weekend.

Lastly, Twitter introduces voice tweets and trials new desktop features…

Twitter is having a user experience overhaul. Taking into account people’s growing preference for audio (and seemingly disregarding people’s move to mobile…), the social site is adding audio posts and trailing desktop redesigns. Podcasts have been a hit in recent years and Twitter is applying that knowledge to its platform. The desktop redesign includes the following features: a simpler look, bookmarks and a night mode. Soon you’ll be able to say what you think on Twitter, potentially bookmark what other people think, all the while in night mode!

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