Create a Pinterest Frenzy and see your followers skyrocket with these invaluable tips!

Boost your Pinterest Followers

It’s no wonder brands want a piece of the Pinterest frenzy!

The site has rocketed to over 70 million Pinterest users and rising world-wide.

The viral nature of pins means that they are 100 x more viral than a tweet (which is 1.4%)!

So just how do you boost your Pinterest following to help promote your brand?  

Top tips for Instagram success:

Add the follow button – The Pinterest follow button is a handy tool which you can place on your website, Facebook or Twitter. Installing the button in highly visible places on your site will make it easier for your visitors to find. It will then divert your site’s visitors to Pinterest, which in turn attracts more followers.

Add the profile widget – The Pinterest profile widget is very similar to the follow button, but instead it features images of your past 30 pins, making it even more effective in gaining new followers from your already established sites.

Connect your social networks – Connecting your Facebook and Twitter account to Pinterest means that everytime you pin a new image it is also posted on your timeline and newsfeed. This is highly effective in attracting your Facebook and Twitter fans to your boards and your pins will also be targeting a greater amount of viewers.

Pin… a lot! – The average amount of pins a week for a successful brand is around 60, yes 60!  So, be sure that you are hitting this amount – the more you pin and re-pin – the more your boards are seen by potential followers. Find the peak times you should be pinning, remembering to keep pin descriptions to a limit of 200 characters and hashtag keywords.

Use the perfect Pinterest words – Be sure to use the most popular words and hashtags in your pin descriptions for users to find your pins more easily. Dan Zarrella offers a great list of the most re-pinnable and pinned words on Pinterest.

Organise your boards – Organise your boards in order of popularity and make sure you have engaging and stylish cover photos to entice potential followers!

Comment on popular pins – Head to the popular pin section on Pinterest and comment on highly repined pins. This will generate interest in your own boards (as it will be seen by lots of users). Remember to comment in a relevant and useful way. Simply posting “Nice pin” is not a great strategy!

Follow others – An effective way of gaining followers is to search for users with similar interests to you or that have pinned your products and follow them, it’s as simple as that!

Contribute to group boards – Group boards are a great way to target potential new followers and network with others. Ask to be invited to pin on highly popular group boards that are in key Pinterest categories such as food, interior design and colour inspiration. Don’t forget to create your own group board and invite influential pinners too! Check out this fantastic link for a Pinterest group board directory:

Run competitions and giveaways – Show your followers how much you value them by running regular contests and giveaways.  There is a huge community dedicated to entering competitions on Pinterest – your contest will generate interest as well as new followers.

Image optimisation – When uploading your own pins, it’s vital that they are prepared for image optimisation so that they can be found on search engines which in turn leads more traffic to your Pinterest page. For tips on how to optimise your images, take a look at Neil Patel’s informative article

SEO optimisation – Making sure your Pinterest boards are perfect for SEO optimisation is essential when targeting new followers. This means naming your boards and writing their descriptions with keywords that are relevant to your content, which in turn makes them easier to find in searches.

What works for you, we love to share ideas and inspiration, please let us know in the comments section below.

[Pic credit – Flickr Jurveston]

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