You can now connect your pizza to your home! #MontageMashup

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Connect your pizza to your home!

Hello… welcome to our latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at Channel 4’s new personalised adverts, an intriguing social experiment by Heineken, some hi-tech crisp packaging by Doritos and much more! So, let’s get started…

Domino’s connecting orders with smart devices

Pizza chain Domino’s has teamed up with the IFTTT platform to allow customers to connect their smart devices with the different stages of the Domino’s tracker. IFTTT is a free service which allows people to create connections between digital devices and services called ‘applets’, these applets allow Domino’s customers to make anything happen during each stage of their order. To begin, Domino’s created a few applets of its own, including one which will “automatically turn off sprinklers when Domino’s Tracker says their order is out for delivery.” Other helpful applets include turning on porch lights when the order is out for delivery and turning on robotic vacuums while an order is being prepared. Domino’s is no stranger to trying out different things, with the introduction of the one-touch order button and its wipeable onesie.

Channel 4 allowing brands to personalise video ads

channel 4 adsChannel 4 has announced a new type of ad format, specifically for its on-demand service. This new service will allow advertisers to incorporate viewers’ first names into their ads, pulling it through from the profile information needed when logging in to use the service. Initially, there are a couple of partners trialling the new ads, with 20th Century Fox and Foster’s. 20th Century Fox is promoting its new horror film Alien Covenant and sees the user being told to “run”, whilst Foster’s message says “this one’s for you” and then inserts the user’s name after. Channel 4’s digital and creative leader, David Amodio has said “the most attention-grabbing word for anyone to hear is, without doubt, one’s own name, so to be able to offer advertisers the chance to speak directly to our millions of viewers is not just unique, but an immensely powerful marketing tool.” It has been stated that if this trial proves successful then there are plans to extend it beyond the web browser and onto the TV app also.

Image: Channel 4

Doritos headphone jack crisp packet

Doritos pack with headphonesGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has teamed up with Doritos to create a unique crisp packet. This limited edition crisp packet features a headphone socket, so people can plug their own headphones in and listen to the soundtrack from the new film whilst they eat their crisps. The bags also feature buttons allowing users to skip forwards and backwards through the playlist and, what’s more, the crisp packet is rechargeable so you can listen over and over again (although it might be a bit strange having an empty crisp packet lying around…)!

What do you think of this? A clever PR stunt or just plain unnecessary? Let us know!

Image: Doritos

Heineken’s social experiment

Heineken has conducted a social experiment as part of its ‘Open Your World’ campaign. The experiment features different pairs of individuals who have never previously met and who have no knowledge of what the test involved, having to work together to complete various different tasks, including assembling items together and answering questions about themselves and each other. After these tasks are all complete, the pairs end up at a makeshift bar with a drink each, but before they are allowed to drink it they have to watch a video. The video shows each person’s contrasting views on topics such as feminism, climate change and transgender, with the video ending on each pair deciding whether to leave or whether to stay and have a drink together.  Check it out!

Twitter adds emoji search

The use of emojis is everywhere these days especially so on social media, so it makes sense for Twitter to introduce a purely emoji search function. This search functionality is available on both desktop and mobile devices and allows users to enter any emoji (or a combination of emojis) into the search bar and results will be displayed of where they appear in people’s tweets. This new search option could help businesses especially, for instance, it could help to hone in on relevant audiences who are using and engaging with certain emojis related to the business.

And finally…

We are ending this week on the news that Instagram has now surpassed 700 million monthly users! It has taken the social media platform only 4 months to gain its latest 100 million users, which in turn, makes it double the size of Twitter. One of the key factors in Instagram’s recent success is its expansion into large markets including Brazil and India. Instagram Stories, a near carbon copy of Snapchat’s Stories, has already reached 200 million daily active users whilst its ‘Direct’ feature is nearing 400 million users.

Don’t forget to check out next week’s #MontageMashup, right here on the blog!

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