Can you really have a conversation with your car? #MontageMashup

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Will you be having a conversation with your car soon?!

Hello… welcome to our latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at Mercedes-Benz’s new vehicle-specific Google assistant, Argos’ ‘Christmas Wishlist’ app, some new fully compostable coffee cups from Planglow and more! So, let’s get started…

Mercedes-Benz’s new Google assistant

Mercedes BenzGerman car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz has announced that it is to introduce a vehicle-specific Google assistant which will enable you to interact with and have a conversation with your car. Google Home users will be able to talk to their Mercedes-Benz car with an “OK Google – Let me talk to my Mercedes” command. This phrase will then load the car-specific assistant which is able to recognise a number of requests including “is my car locked?”, “what is the current mileage of the car?” and “when is the next service due?”. In terms of everyday usage, one of the most popular commands will likely be the ability to send locations to the car’s satellite navigation so that they are ready for when you next get into the car.

This new feature is going to be available to Mercedes-Benz customers in 2017.

Planglow’s new compostable coffee cups

Botanical Coffee CupsCompostable packaging and labelling firm, Planglow has released a new range of fully compostable coffee cups. The cups have a ‘double walled construction’ made completely from plant-based materials according to the company, which ensures that the drinks are kept hot. The liner is EN13432 certified also, so unlike PE lined products, these cups can be recycled along with food waste. Planglow’s marketing director, Rachael Sawtell has said “most coffee cups are unsuitable for recycling due to their plastic liners which are tricky to remove” and that they use “100% plant based materials so that even our laminates and lids will break down in a composting environment without leaving any harmful residues.”

What a great idea – you can expect to see more and more of these in the coming months.

Image: Planglow

Argos’ ‘Christmas Wishlist’ app

Flicking through an Argos catalogue and circling all the products you want has been part of many children’s Christmases for years now, however, Argos is attempting to reinvent this process with their ‘Christmas Wishlist’ app. The app has been about for the past couple of years, but it has undergone a bit of an update this year with more gift ideas added. The app is designed for children aged between 3 to 7 and allows them to pick items that they would like whilst also having fun with technology. Parents can set the app up to limit the number of products children can add to the list, a maximum price and also an email address to receive the final wishlist. Kids are presented with tough maths questions if they attempt to access and edit the app’s settings. Finally, kids can personalise their wishlists with stickers and a doodle function, much in the same manner as Snapchat allows you to.

We think this app is a great option for kids in the modern era.

DS Smith’s bespoke Flowerworld packaging

DS Smith Flowerworld PackagingFlowerworld supplies more than 21 million bouquets each year and it has now introduced new packaging that “delivers flowers to customers in pristine condition and creates a sense of theatre and delight for consumers upon receipt.” The new packaging, designed by DS Smith is easy to assemble, holds the flowers securely in place throughout the journey and most notably is fully recyclable. Flowerworld’s aim is to get the flowers from the field to vase within 48 hours and they say that this new packaging helps them to achieve this.

Image: Planglow

Aldi wins Christmas ad battle

New data from Waggener Edstrom (WE) Communication shows that despite being some way behind John Lewis in terms of mentions, the Aldi Christmas ad is the overall best performer for 2016. WE’s brand agility index ranks brands out of five in various areas including relevance, engagement and sentiment amongst others. WE monitored each Christmas ad weekly beginning on the 4th of November and created a total score for each, of which Aldi’s ranking is the highest overall. Brands which did not perform so well include Ocado, Currys and Boots.

Twitter stats for 2016

tweets 2016Stats from Kantar Media have been released showing the UK’s most tweeted about topics of 2016. Unsurprisingly, England’s dismal performance against Iceland at Euro 2016 took the top spot with over 2.1 million tweets, with the remainder of the top 5 spots for sport related tweets also taken up by matches from the European Championships. The most tweeted about non-sporting event of the year wasn’t the EU referendum or the US Presidential Election, but instead the Eurovision Song Contest back in May, with more than 1.6 million tweets. Other key stats to come out of the research found that apart from sports, entertainment is the biggest tweeted about category in television followed by current affairs and then drama.

And finally…

We are ending this week on a story which has been receiving quite a lot of attention recently. An artist group called Anonymouse MMX has been creating little restaurants and coffee shops in the Swedish city of Malmö, and by little, we mean little! The little stores are only a matter of a few inches tall and fit into the brickwork of buildings. Anonymouse MMX has said, “it’s just too darn charming to imagine a world where mice live parallel to ours but just slightly out of sight.” They say that the miniature works of art are “built of things that we had laying around and also things we collected, like caps, lids from tin cans, matches, buttons, a lamp shade, Italian stamps etc.” and that “the idea was to use things mice themselves could have collected and reused.”

Don’t forget to check out the next #MontageMashup in the new year!

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