Can marketing save the local pub? #MontageMashup

Hello… welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we’re taking a look at pubs, supermarkets, and an augmented reality cat with a Donald Trump aesthetic! So, let’s get started…

BBA campaign to save ‘the local’

If there’s one thing that separates the UK from the rest of the world it’s our pub culture. Forget bars, you can find those anywhere, pubs are a British institution. This is what Britain’s Beer Alliance (BBA) believes and its mission is to save the local pub. The alliance, made up of brewers and pub groups, is launching a £9million marketing campaign named ‘Long live the local’. As a consequence of rising beer tax, pubs are under more pressure than they’ve ever been. The campaign aims to raise awareness of this fact and encourage the UK government to cut beer duty. Why not grab a pint after work in your local to show solidarity?

Kolibri gives consumers control over sugar intake

In different, arguably healthier news, Kolibri Drinks has launched ‘the world’s first bottled drink with sweetness tailored to your taste’. What this means in real terms is that when you buy a Kolibri soft drink, you add in your own sugar. The company has designed a lid that enables consumers to squeeze in the amount of sugar they feel they need. Much like the classic ‘Salt n’ Shake’ crisps (remember those?!), Kolibri is encouraging customers to take their health, and their food’s flavour, into their own hands.

Tesco takes on the discount market

If you shop in Aldi and Lidl but have a penchant for strolling the aisles of Tesco, you’re in luck. Tesco is soon to launch a discount superstore to rival the German giants. The company’s marketshare is dropping and rather than let Aldi and Lidl occupy the discount space, Tesco has jumped into action. It’s been reported the name ‘Jack’s’ might be used for the discount store after Tesco bought the name and attempted to register it as a retail trademark. The main question here isn’t who Jack is, but whether the antipasti selection be as good? It’s doubtful.

George Takei launches AR app (and Trumpy Cat)

In what is presumably a pun on House of Cards, and definitely a dig at Donald Trump, George Takei has created House of Cats: an augmented-reality app starring ‘Trumpy Cat’. The app allows users to record messages for Trumpy Cat to repeat and you can place the Trump-esque feline within the frame of your photos and videos. Other characters include Meowlania, Lil’ Rocket Pug and Vladdy Putin. Citing humour as a means of political activism, Takei explains: ‘I notice that if I’m documenting the truth, people are nodding off. [So] I try to kind of inject a little humor into it’. The app is 99¢ and some of the proceeds will go to Refugees International.

Lastly, Australia misses the mark with influencers…

Influencers are seen as both a force for good and a force for evil in the marketing world. Regardless of where you sit on this one, sometimes a case comes along when it’s hard to argue influencers were the best choice to spread a message. An example of this is the recent use of influencers by the Australian government. Hoping to encourage young women to take up sport – and inspired by Sport England’s This Girl Can campaignthe government spent in excess of $700,000 on collaborations with Instagram stars. Research into the influencers clearly went awry: extreme diets and alcohol endorsements don’t go hand in hand with physical or emotional wellbeing. When it comes to picking influencers on Instagram, remember to scroll and keep scrolling.

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