Burger King’s thought-provoking social experiment #MontageMashup

Burger King social experiment

Hello… welcome to our latest #MontageMashup where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at Burger King’s ‘anti-bullying’ campaign, Volvo’s decision to pull out of Channel 4’s £1m diversity competition after winning, Fanta’s Halloween campaign and more! So, let’s get started…

Burger King’s anti-bullying social experiment

Burger King has conducted a unique social experiment to highlight anti-bullying week in the UK (which begins on the 13th of November). The campaign, called ‘Bullying Junior’ features a group of child actors who stage a mock fight in front of shocked and unsuspecting customers, with reactions caught on camera. Another actor played the part of a ‘rogue’ employee who went round and mashed unsuspecting customers burgers. The results of the experiment highlighted a key issue, with 95% of customers reporting their sabotaged burger to staff, however, only 12% intervened to help out the bullied child. Nicholas Carlisle, chief executive and founder of No Bully said: “Our partnership with the Burger King brand is an example of how brands can bring positive awareness to important issues. You have to start somewhere and they chose to start within.”

Volvo pulls out of Channel 4’s diversity campaign

Car manufacturer Volvo has pulled out of Channel 4’s Diversity in Marketing Award and as a result pass on the prize of £1m in free airtime. Volvo was crowned the winner of the award back in July for its pitch around non-visible disability, however, the company has said that its creative agency, Grey London “submitted an entry to the Channel 4 competition that has not previously been shared with us, nor approved for production.” Questions have been raised as to why the brand would not want £1m of free airtime for a campaign which highlights diversity, to which Volvo said that it did but it ‘depended on the campaign being “eligible” – which in this case it wasn’t as it hadn’t been reviewed or signed off.’

Fanta’s 13th Floor Halloween campaign

Fanta Halloween cansFanta has launched a virtual reality experience for Halloween which will feature a lift which crashes to the ground, at Thorpe Park and Westfield Stratford. The VR experience will be at the theme park until 1st November and at Westfields until 29th November and guests will be ‘invited to enter the elevator and ride to the 13th floor to attend a Halloween party, with scary surprises awaiting them on their journey.’ As well as the VR campaign, Fanta is also rolling out limited edition packaging featuring ‘spooky’ graphics and QR codes that can be scanned to access branded Snapchat filters and lenses. Coca-Cola which owns Fanta has said that this campaign marks its biggest ever investment in Halloween and that “Halloween is now the fourth biggest retail event in Great Britain and represents a huge opportunity for retailers and brands alike.”

Amazon to install lockers in apartment lobbys

Amazon.com launched a new service this summer which is designed to ‘bring order and security to the piles of delivered packages cluttering the lobbies of apartment buildings.’ This new service has been called ‘Hub By Amazon’ and the lockers can hold packages from any major US carrier. The locker unit features 42 different lockers in various sizes which are all accessible 24 hours a day, meaning residents can get their items after hours when an apartment’s management office may be closed. Lockers such as these are becoming more and more important as people are ordering more online but with a lack of a convenient way to receive their purchases. The new ‘Hub’ service is slightly different from Amazon Lockers as they are accessible to residents only. If the new Hub By Amazon is successful in the US, then there is a chance that we could see it introduced soon in the UK.

Kohl’s testing in-store Amazon stores

Kohl's AmazonIn the ever tough retail climate, one American retailer is ‘partnering with the enemy’ and introducing an Amazon store-within-a-store experience. Wisconsin-based Kohl’s is hoping that the move to provide a branded in-store Amazon presence will boost traffic and curiosity. The in-store presence has been given the name Amazon Smart Home Experience at Kohl’s and will feature Amazons Echoes, Fires and Kindles. The Smart Home shops are opening in 10 Kohl’s stores, with each one taking up around 1,00 square-feet in size. Kohl’s has called the partnership a win/win, saying: “the Kohl’s and Amazon collaboration leverages the strengths of both brands – Kohl’s store portfolio and omnichannel capabilities combined with the power of Amazon’s reach and loyal customer base.”

Is this the start of more partnerships for Amazon as it looks to build a physical presence?

Rude Health’ alienates its vegan community

Food company, Rude Health has come under heavy criticism from the vegan community over the last few days because of a ‘pro-dairy’ message that it posted to its Instagram account. The Instagram post and blog entry appear to suggest that veganism is a fad diet and followers were quick to share their displeasure on social media, with many stating that they will never buy Rude Health products again.

This is a good example of how not to alienate your customers and potentially harm your brand!

And finally…

We’re ending this week on Trivago’s London underground ad campaign which has been called stale amongst other things. The gripe that marketers have with the Trivago ad is that it doesn’t ‘wow’ or really stand out to people walking by, however, this may just be why it has been so successful. The poster featuring a woman with the text ‘Find your ideal hotel for the best price’ is unlikely to cause anybody walking past offence, and the message is also clear and won’t get lost amongst other messages, people will simply see ‘Trivago’, ‘hotel’ and ‘best price’. The sheer number of ads may seem well over the top, but it could also be this repetition which helps the message stick in people’s minds, the very fact that people are talking about it at all shows that it has attracted the attention of many! Trivago’s campaigns are clearly working for them too, with Google Trend graph showing that it has increased its search volumes from the same time last year.

What do you think of Trivago’s campaign? Let us know!

Trivago Underground Ad

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