Are you a PR princess? #MontageMashup

Hello… welcome to the latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at PR princesses, period poverty and Artificially Intelligent lions (yes, you read that correctly). So, let’s get started…

PRSA sorry for PR princess quiz

Are you a ‘Curious PR Princess’ or an ‘Assertive PR Princess’? This is what the Public Relations Society of America thought PR professionals wanted to find out. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Labelled sexist, patronising and derogatory, the ‘Which PR princess are you?’ quiz hosted on PRSA’s social media didn’t go down well with followers. One Twitter user pointed out she has ‘an MBA not a tiara’. PRSA explained the context: it was following an event at Disney and the princesses were assessed using the Myers-Briggs personality test. The organisation has apologised for any offence caused yet in such a way as to elicit further complaints. NB ‘We’re sorry if you were offended’ isn’t the most sincere of apologies.

Hey Girls educates about period poverty

As part of a wider initiative to tackle period poverty, sanitary product manufacturer Hey Girls hired creative agency adam&eveDDB to help them create a hard-hitting campaign. The result was an ad placed in the Metro of a cut-out sanitary pad which featured on the back the following, shocking statistic: that one in ten girls in the UK can’t afford sanitary products. Resorting to toilet roll or socks, the ad highlighted the DIY approach many girls have to turn to. For every Hey Girls’ pack of sanitary pads bought, the social enterprise will donate to girls in need.  They’re available in Waitrose and ASDA.

Superdrug introduces Botox and fillers

Superdrug is broadening its horizons. The store won’t just be for picking up toothpaste and rummaging through the nail polishes, soon you’ll be able to have your wrinkles ironed out and your lip size doubled. Botox and fillers will be available to customers over the age of 25 and will start at £99. Nurses will be in store to administer the injections, after a phone consultation and the completion of a medical questionnaire. Lisa Niven, Beauty Editor of Vogue questions the ethics of the decision, saying: ‘Is there a risk that selling cosmetic procedures alongside the likes of cleanser and lip balm makes it seem as much an essential as these everyday items? That it takes the normalising of cosmetic procedures too far?’

Wikipedia launches streetwear collaboration

For $85 (approximately £67), you can own ‘the physical representation of Wikipedia’. If that sounds appealing, you’ll be pleased to know the proceeds go to The Wikimedia Foundation, the charity organisation that owns Wikipedia. The organisation has teamed up with LA-based fashion label Advisory Board Crystals to make the streetwear. A statement on Advisory Board Crystals’ website reads: ‘Free information is a privilege […] As a nonprofit, Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation’s related free knowledge projects are powered primarily through donations. Help us keep knowledge free.’

Lastly, please feed the lions…

Ever wanted to talk to a giant red lion and make communal poetry? This installation will suit you down to the ground. Artist and designer Es Devlin has created an Artificially Intelligent lion sculpture in collaboration with London Design Festival and Google Arts and Culture. People will be encouraged to ‘feed the lion’ their words, which the lion will remember via machine learning, and later display as a collective poem. The poem of the day will be projected onto Nelson’s Column in the evening. Please Feed the Lions runs from September 18th until September 23rd so head down to Trafalgar Square to experience the closest thing there is to Aslan.

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