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Hello… welcome to our latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at a rebrand for Pukka Pies, the controversy surrounding the latest Nivea ad campaign, Topshop’s Stranger Things experience and much more! So, let’s get started…

Amazon Key service

Amazon has announced that it is launching a new service next month called Amazon Key which will let Amazon couriers open your front door! The service has been designed so that couriers can safely deliver your Amazon orders to your home even if there is nobody there to sign and accept the package. The service relies on Amazon’s new Cloud Cam and also a compatible lock from either Yale or Kwikset, with the camera talking to the lock over Zigbee (a wireless protocol utilised by many smart home devices). When the courier arrives they scan the in-home delivery barcode which, in turn, sends a request to Amazon’s cloud. The cloud will then send a message back to the camera which will begin recording whilst the courier receives a prompt on their app which when swiped will unlock the door. The courier then drops the delivery inside the home and locks the door with another swipe of their app. Once the delivery is complete, the customer will receive a notification saying the delivery has been made along with a short clip from the camera showing the drop-off and that everything has been done correctly. Currently, Amazon isn’t trusting any 3rd party couriers, so Key will only work in 37 US cities, to begin with where Amazon Logistics handles the deliveries. If the uptake proves to be a success, then we can expect to see this service introduced in the UK in the future.

Would you trust Amazon to enter your home whilst you aren’t there? For us, in the office, it does seem like a step too far!

Pukka Pies rebrand

pukka piesPukka Pies has revealed that it is undergoing a rebrand which ties in with its decision to move into the premium market. Pukka Pies admits that it has previously ‘not properly supported the brand‘ with marketing, so this new £8m campaign represents a significant move. The rebrand includes brighter packaging, a new brand position and also updated recipes for its most popular pies. Pukka Pies is also looking to bring in 1m new consumers into the hot pie category and also put pies in the top five meals for families. As part of the rebrand, Pukka Pies is looking to move away from the image that its products are only for football fans or as a treat from the local fish & chip shop and more towards a premium option for family mealtimes.

Nivea’s ‘racist’ ad campaign

nivea billboardNivea is the latest brand to come under fire for ‘racist’ adverts which feature its products lightening the skin of black women. Adverts for one of its body lotions have appeared on billboards and on TV across West Africa. In one of the ads, the black actress rubs the cream into her skin as she says she wants to ‘restore my skin’s natural fairness’ before a man compliments her ‘beautiful glowing skin’. The actress then adds ‘Now I have visibly fairer skin, making me feel younger.’ Whilst this may seem shocking to us, it is fairly commonplace across Africa, including Nigeria where about 75% of women use skin-lightening products.

Earlier this month, Dove issued an apology after its latest advert featured a black woman pulling off a t-shirt to reveal a white woman.

Topshop’s Stranger Things experience

topshop stranger thingsFashion chain Topshop has transformed its flagship Oxford Street store into a shrine for Netflix show Stranger Things. The move has been made in an attempt to capture the imagination (and spend!) of teenage shoppers at Halloween. The store has been kitted out with Stranger Things decor and the window displays have also been overhauled to iconic scenes in the show. There is also a range of Stranger Things products available to purchase including clothing and merchandise such as lunchboxes. Inside the store, there is also a series of displays including an arcade complete with classic 1980s games which shoppers can enter providing they have proof of spending over £25 in the store. The experience is only going to be around until the end of October though, so people need to be quick if they want to visit.

Exterion’s digitally ‘wrapped’ geo-targeted buses

Exterion Media has launched London’s first fleet of digitally ‘wrapped’ geo-targeted buses. Google has been announced as the first brand to use the technology to promote its newly-unveiled Pixel 2 smartphone. Over the next few weeks, there will be a total of 20 buses equipped with the technology introduced to the streets of London. Each bus will feature a digital screen on its side and the technology on board will enable brands to tailor imagery and copy to make it pertinent to the specific location of the buses. Dave King, Exterion Media’s managing director has said: “This is a huge moment for bus advertising; the product delivers stature, movement, scale, dynamism and geo-targeting – offering a whole new dimension to broadcast and narrowcast through this hugely attractive channel.”

What do you think of the new technology? Will it stick around or be a flash in the pan idea?

exterion bus

And finally…

We’re ending this week on a feel-good story. Bosu Body Bar in Manchester has been praised recently for leaving boxes of free food for homeless people after closing each evening. After noticing an increase in the number of people sleeping rough on the streets of the city, the staff at the restaurant began leaving leftover meals outside at the end of each evening. Michael Beck, who runs the restaurant has said that they are contacting homeless shelters to ensure that the food goes to the people who need it the most and said: “hopefully other people who have seen it will now do the same. It’s either that or the bin, it’s as simple as that.”

We think that this is a great way to reduce food waste and provide a much-needed meal for some of the most vulnerable people.

Don’t forget to check out next week’s #MontageMashup, right here on the blog!

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