A survival kit and social media plan for brand managers

A brand manager's survival kit

Social Media strategy template

Time poor and need a little help from time-to-time?  We decided to create a social media strategy template for brand managers to follow. Help your brand thrive in the social media wilderness:

1 – Listen. Don’t assume what your customers need online. Set up social media monitoring and research online discussions about your brand and competitors online. Learn more about your customers by listening to their concerns, issues and praise.

2 – Understand your customer. Using your social media monitoring and customer research try to understand their problems, what makes them laugh, who they hang out with online and who they respect.

3 – Create a conversation calendar. Follow seasonal patterns and solve problems, be ready with witty, engaging and useful content when your customer needs it.

4 – Be a social business. Train your staff, you can’t do this through an agency alone. Train your customer service staff to manage product and service issues via social media and empower sales staff to deal with leads straight away. It is all about…

5 – Being there for your customer. Like a good friend, being consistent, reliable and honest, it will go a long way in building trust and a loyal relationship.

6 – Contact influencers and get them to tell your brand’s story. Give them useful content, product reviews, sponsorship or quirky stories. This will help raise your profile and attract more followers, and increase links and traffic.

7 – Invest time, resource and money to amplify your work. Look at video, infographics and a blog to increase your reach. But remember good content takes time…

8 – Stand out from the crowd.  You need real ‘engagement’ (that’s ‘relationships’ to real people!) with your customer. Get them to help you to create content, take part in events and help you develop services. Consumer advocates are some of your best sales people, invest time and commitment in them as you would a member of staff.

9 – Evaluate.  Refine, be flexible and keep on listening to your customer. The great thing about social media is that you can test your marketing approach in real time, what works and what hasn’t.

Tip: “If you talk to people about themselves they will listen to you for hours”

So, thanks for listening and if you do need help in implementing that plan your manager has told you they need ‘yesterday’… give us a shout! 🙂

Or follow us for daily hints and tips that will help you on your journey in implementing a social media plan.


Hat tip for the image – Annie Mole – Creative Commons Flickr


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