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Hello… welcome to our latest #MontageMashup, where each week we bring you the latest news and views from across the marketing industry. In this week’s mashup, we take a look at John Lewis’ use of Facebook 360 ads, new statistics in generational shopping habits, why Instagram is under fire by the ASA, H&M’s new recycling development and more! So, let’s get started…

John Lewis debuts the industry’s first Facebook 360 Collections ads

Becoming the first UK retailer to embrace Facebook’s new ad format, allowing shoppers to discover the store’s goods from every angle, John Lewis is embracing social media technology. The footage was produced in a lifestyle setting, shot in a home styled with John Lewis exclusives, which when clicked on can direct users to the correct webpage for purchase. The new format is part of a growing Facebook market, with, according to John Lewis’ senior manager for social marketing: “51% of people saying they’re excited that VR will play a part of their shopping experiences”. Would you like a more immersive way to shop? Tell us!

Facebook 360

Omnichannel report retail consumption by generational demographic

The research analyses the shopping habits of millennials, generation X, baby boomers and seniors, to reveal some interesting results. Surprisingly, millennials are shown to shop less on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay than other generations, more likely to shop at large retailers alongside generation X. Perhaps less surprisingly, though, these are also the groups that spend more hours online on apps or websites, decreasing the older the generation along with the percentage of participation in online shopping. The infographic establishes what we may have already guessed about the amount of online consumer activity by youth, but reveals some intriguing information about the platforms in which this activity occurs. Something worth considering for marketers of what may be considered generational-specific consumer goods.

online consumer demographics

Instagram’s influencer market under fire from ad regulator

The app’s growing influencer base has caused trouble for Instagram after the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) made a statement. The chief executive of the UK regulatory body commented that brands and influencers are failing to disclose sponsored content as being paid for, amid an increased crackdown on the ways in which such influencers and social media celebrities present their advert-based content. It has been noted that Instagram is in the process of combatting this problem, allowing influencers to share campaign metrics direct with brands and better label their paid-for posts, including a ‘paid partnerships’ tag which tells its user base when they are working in a business collaboration and a ‘sponsored’ note above images. This, however, is not compulsory neither fully accessible. A spokesperson for Instagram said:  “We are also expanding access to Insights to brands with an existing business page and will be implementing new policy and enforcement rules,” the company added: “We understand that it will take some time for creators and businesses to become comfortable with this new tool. We will be working closely with both creators and businesses to help them understand the new tool and policies.” With influencer marketing rapidly growing and the lines between consumer and advertiser merging into one, do you think such content should be more tightly regulated? Let us know!

influencer marketing

H&M’s textile recycling development


A four-year partnership between the H&M Foundation and The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel – a collaboration set up in September 2016 with the aim to discover a technology to recycle blend textiles – has resulted in a breakthrough of technology which will be made available to the global fashion industry. Working with universities in Japan, a process to fully separate and recycle cotton and polyester blends has been successfully developed just one year into the partnership. According to H&M, the recovered polyester material maintains its quality to be used directly, with a hydrothermal process which uses only heat, water and just 5% biodegradable green chemical. This breakthrough will dramatically increase the recyclability of the fashion industry which has been falling behind in the number of consumer industries ‘going greener’. Montage’s client Brabantia has recently unveiled its awesome Bo Touch Bin, which not only promotes waste separation with its interior recycling options, but is made from 40% high-grade recycled materials in itself. Similarly, Brabantia’s Storage Jar with Measuring Cup was designed to help users portion their meals and ingredients without waste. Better yet, for every jar sold Brabantia make a donation to The Hunger Project. With interior and kitchenware brands such as Brabantia increasingly focussing on sustainability and the creation of greener products, H&M’s development is hopefully the start of fashion brands doing the same.

And finally…

In support of a more inclusive shopping experience with the statistic that one in 100 people are on the spectrum for autism, 600 Superdrug stores will turn off all music and take measures to reduce the intensity of shopping, which can often be an overwhelming experience for people with autism. At 11am on 8th October the store will be quite for ‘autism hour’, making various adaptations to the stores. Research has shown that due to the ‘noisy, busy and often unpredictable’ environment of shops, 64% of autistic people avoid going into shops altogether. If stores can adapt to a more autism-friendly approach on daily basis we will be looking at a much more inclusive shopping experience.

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