8 must-know tips on the best ways to Spring Clean your social media efforts!

Clean up your social media efforts!

1.Review Your Success – When was the last time you analysed your social media channels? Take some time to review what worked well last year, focusing on which sites drove the most traffic and which have been performing badly.

Set some goals for the year ahead including the channels need improving, the type of content you wish to share as well as targets for Followers and Likes.

2.All About You – When was the last time you updated your company bio, information and brand identity on social media profiles? This is a key area that many companies forget about! Be sure to check that ALL of your social media accounts are up-to-date and consistent with the information they provide.

3.Graphics & Layout – Are your social media profile images, cover photos and backgrounds current and consistent? Make sure they fit in with your branding style and really engage your target user. If they haven’t been updated in a while, why not focus on a new and fresh design to spruce things up?

4.Fresh Social Channels – Why not expand your social media strategy and explore other areas? Social video tools such as Vine and image sharing platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have proved extremely successful for other companies. With 2014 expected to see more and more social channels growing in popularity, don’t just restrict yourself to Facebook and Twitter.

5.Let Go Of Unused Accounts – Do you have social media accounts kicking about that haven’t been used in months? DELETE THEM! If you don’t use them anymore or they have no value with reaching consumers, then it’s a waste of time to keep them active. Nothing looks worse than a deserted profile!

6.Share! – How well are your share buttons working? If they are under-performing make sure you change their layout and positioning by placing them in a more prominent space on your page. If lots of users are sharing content on Facebook but dismissing other channels then delete neglected buttons. With new ways to share changing constantly don’t forget to test out new avenues.

7.Check Links Are Behaving! – Do you have your social media profiles linked to each other? If you pin one of your products/services on Pinterest, will it then show up on your Facebook timeline? Work your way through your social media accounts and make sure they are linked correctly. Check your links don’t result in double postings or tweets, this ensures content is not overexposed to your audience.

8.Refresh Your Contacts – Do you have a long list of contact emails, or a drawer overflowing with business cards? Head over to your social media channels and start following them via Twitter or connect on LinkedIn! What better way to network with others and show them what your capable of than inviting them to see your company! Tip – to save time try downloading ‘Cardmuch’ productivity tool.

Good luck and keep us posted with your progress!

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